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Distortion 2015, 3-7 June


The first eight artists for Distortion 2015 is announced!
They will all be playing the Distortion Ø weekend event.

  • <p>Ukendt Kunstner</p>

    Ukendt Kunstner

    The Urban scene has made its mark in Denmark and it keeps producing new artists. In spits of its name one group has especially required attention: the danish duo Ukendt Kunstner. Rapper Hans Philip and producer Jens Ole McCoy are making slow and drawling beast twisted with melancholic lyrics. The duo had their major breakthrough with the hit ‘Neonlys’ and has since then been shooting for the stars.

  • <p>Laid Back</p>

    Laid Back

    Tim Stahl og John Guldberg is the Danish duo behind Laid Back. Stahl og Guldberg got together as early as in the 1979 and have since then been on a wave of success. Laid Back is playing solid synthpop and many of the music industries heave weights have sampled their songs: Snoop Dog, Pharrel Williams, The Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake, just to name a few. Even Prince have the track ‘White Horse’ on his personal favorite playlist.

  • <p>DJ Koze</p>

    DJ Koze

    Behind the alias DJ Koze hides the German DJ and producer Stefan Kozalla. I the 1990s he was a part of the German -based hip-hop act ‘Fischmob’ and performed at the same time under the alias Adolf Noise. In the 2000s he started playing as DJ Koze and the German electronic record label ‘Kompakt’ released his music. Through the 2000s he released 3 studio albums and a lots of remixes and singles. In 2010 DJ Koze made his own record label ‘Pampa’ and recorded his last studio album ‘Amygdala’ in 2013.

  • <p>Axel Boman</p>

    Axel Boman

    Axel Boman is a Swedish DJ and producer. In 2010 he got his breakthrough with the EP ‘Holy Love’ at the record label Pampa Record. The track ‘Purple Drank’ became an instant hit a the dance floor. Since then he has been touring massively all over the world and furthermore made remixes for John Talabot and Harald Bjork. Axel Boman is a part of the record label ‘Studio Barnhus’ that is know for it’s raw and playful sound.

  • <p>Noir</p>


    Noir and Danish electronic music goes hand in had. Noir was part of the electronic music- and club scene in Denmark before it even took it’s place, and that is why he is one of the most experiences, dedicates and skillful electronic DJ, raised in Demark. For the first time in three years he will be passing by his home and native land playing at Distortion Ø – and he is even releasing an album on March 9 2015.

  • <p>Siriusmodeselektor</p>


    Siriusmodeselektor (DE) is a combination of Modeselektor (DE), the two gentlemen, who rocket all of the biggest festivals and Siriusmo (DE), the mysterious DJ, who rarely leaves hos house, because he prefers writing music in his studio. Together they formed the alias Siriusmodeselektor, and the guests at Distortion can expect an euphoric mix of Euro Crunk, Acid Rap, big Bass Techne, Labstyle, Happy Metal and Psychedelic electro. Siriusmodeselektor describes themselves as the greatest reunion of a band that never existed.

  • <p>Omar Souleyman</p>

    Omar Souleyman

    The Syrian pop star and wedding singer Omar Soulayman will drop by Distortion once again. In 2013 he performed at Sankt Hand Torv and at the pop-up party in Ballerup, where thousands of Distortion guests danced until the asphalt broke. Souleymans Career began back in 1994, where he gathered a group of musicians that travelled around Syria and performed at weddings. In 2007, the rest of the world got at glimpse of the hectic dance music and open their eyes for the talent, after the American record label Sublime Frequencies released an album with Souleyman material.

  • <p>Cashmere Cat</p>

    Cashmere Cat

    Behind the alias Cashmere Cat is the Norwegian, New York based producer Magnus August Høiberg. Cashmere Cat is working with some og the biggest guns in music; Lana Del Rey, Jeremih and 2 Chainz, and this happens through his wide musical range of R&B, futuristic hip hop and bass. In October 2012 Cashmere Cat released his EP “Mirrir Maru” with the record label Pelican Fly Records.

Distortion Ø is taking place from 5-6 June 2015 at Refshaleøen.