Street Parties

“Civilized hedonism”

The massive street parties are Distortion’s iconic trademark. On our opening day, the city neighborhood of Nørrebro is engulfed by the countless soundsystems, attracting 100.000+ party people per day, and completely shutting down traffic. On the second day, Distortion moves along to the hood of Vesterbro repeating the same wild drill.

The legendary street parties have been described as an unusually diverse party-magnet attracting just about everyone; hippies, hipsters, queers, families with kids, techno enthusiasts, general culture-lovers, you name it! The streets of Copenhagen are literally jam-packed, and transformed by the thousands of guests dancing and loving life and music together.

Wednesday 31 May: Nørrebro Street Party
Thursdag 1 June: Vesterbro Street Party

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You can also support the Street parties with Distortion “Gadearmbånd”.

Streethosts and rough lineups for the street parties will be announced May 3 – Nørrebro and May 4 – Vesterbro. Stay tuned!


You will need one of these tickets to enter:

  • Gadearmbånd
  • Distortion Week
  • Distortion Ø

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