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Join us, and volunteer at Distortion 2019

Do you want to be a part of an amazing volunteer crew and make a difference, then you should join us at Distortion. It is fun and you get the chance to meet more than 1,000 other fantastic volunteers and experience both the street parties and Distortion Ø behind the scenes.

Its first come first served. Teams have a limited number of positions and some get full fast. There’s only 100 free festival camping tickets. So apply as soon as you can in order to secure your fav team and camping ticket.

Below, you can choose the type for volunteering that fit you best.


  • You to meet government working permit rules
  • This type of volunteer is the way to go if you are interested in joining the different teams Distortion offer, whether it is helping out in the bar, putting up fences or making sure the street party is secure.
  • List of all teams – click here to open PDF.
  • Shifts: 1×9 hours or 2x8hours depending on what team you select.
  • Goodies: Distortion Ø ticket, T-shirt, food and beverages and a recommendation letter.

Sign up as volunteer here


  • You to meet government working permit rules
  • This requires that you are ready for some more responsibility. You don’t pick a team. In april you get more specific instructions about the different areas. Coordination, overview and the willingness to help out are keywords here.
  • Shifts: 16+ hours.
  • Goodies: Same stuff as regular volunteer (see above) just in bigger quantities.

Sign up as volunteer+ here

Communities/groups (foreninger/grupper)

  • If you a community/bigger group who wants to do something fun together and at the same time do something great for your community.
  • Do not hesitate to sign up – no obligations for signing up, only an invite to a meeting about how we can help each other.

Sign up as communities/groups here

If you want to use our campsite, please follow these step: When you have been submitted to a team you need to email us at Tell us 1) your name, 2) email, 3) phone no. and 4) what team you belong to.

Hope to see you!

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Cph Distortion At Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

image taken during the Distortion festival in Copenhagen, during Europe’s largest street music festival.