Distortion Ø, Saturday 3 June 2023

Beige is a fast-rising talent in the forward-thinking American dance music circuit and a regular fixture of the queer underground. Beyond the house-techno-disco touchpoints, expect to hear psychedelic gospel, leftfield club and ballroom and global bass. From their homebase in Detroit, they host the monthly show Chaotic Neutral on The Lot Radio, organize educational workshops for DJs of marginalized genders as a member of Seraphine Collective.

Playing at Distortion will be very special. In Beige’s own word: “Distortion is actually the very first European fest I ever attended as a baby (teenage) club rat/raver 10 years ago and in many ways set the tone for everything that’s come after—so it’s extra extra special to have the honor of closing that circle as a performer”.


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