Eliott Litrowski

Distortion Ø, Saturday 3 June 2023

French-born, Copenhagen-based producer Eliott Litrowski is hard to link to a single genre or aesthetic. But one thing is certain, he aims for pushing the conventions of floor-calibrated music. At the moment Eliott is flirting with italo disco romantics, breaksy progs and EBM-tinged rhythmic outbursts. Eliott started out as a frequent guest at Paris clubs like Batofar and the legendary queer club, Pulp, where he got to experience life-affirming performances from Ivan Smagghe and Jennifer Cardini, whose influence has never left him since then. Later, Eliott has performed at some of Paris’ most reputed venues like Concrete, 75021, Le Rex and La Machine du Moulin Rouge.

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