Kush Jones

Distortion Ø, Saturday 3 June 2023

Born and raised in the Bronx, DJ and producer Kush Jones is representing the new era of NYC dance music mixing footwork and other influences with classic house and techno forms.

In the late 2000s, Jones attended Lite Feet battles – one of NYC’s homegrown dance cultures. This led him to discover similar scenes around the US, such as Chicago footwork, Jersey club, and more. Fascinated by the way all these genres reworked classic sounds to form new ones, Kush Jones set off on a path to fuse his influences to form his own voice for the dance floor.

Kush Jones is most known for Strictly 4 MY CDJZ – his self-released series of EP – and a relentless and essential vinyl release on Washington DC-based label Future Times.

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