Sama’ Abdulhadi

Distortion Ø, Saturday 3 June 2023

It’s an honour to invite Sama’ Abdulhadi to play her debut Denmark show.

Although Sama’ Abdulhadi is the first Palestinian DJ to gain international recognition, her career really began to flourish in Beirut’s burgeoning techno scene. Plunging into Lebanon’s nightlife, Abdulhadi gigged, practiced, and got inspired by the many locals in the scene, while refining her trademark set: high-octane full-bodied techno with a distinct ark, a spectrum of moods, or as she says: “Berlin techno, but I perceive it in a Lebanese way.”

Abdulhadi later returned to Palestine with the techno genre, inspiring a local community of artists that continues to flourish in the face of the geo-political restrictions imposed upon it as documented in the Boiler Room 4:3 short, Palestine Underground.

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