Engagement and departments

There are 4 ways of engagement and a wide range of departments to join. Read it all here.


1. Team Leader

As a Team Leader you will be responsible for a group of volunteers that will be your team throughout the festival. You will be in direct contact with the volunteer coordinators and the project managers, who will advise and help you. You will use your loving, nursing skills to ensure that the volunteers in your team have everything they need and that they are in the right place at the right time, in order to complete their tasks successfully.

When applying for a team leader position you have to understand the commitment and the responsibilities that will come with the role. Such as, being ready to start gathering your team before the actual festival starts and working directly with the project managers.

The working hours will depend on whether you are working in the street festival or Distortion Ø, but be prepared for long and exciting days. This role requires great skills within communication, leadership, team working and problem solving. Minimum age is 18 years.

Working hours: 25+

Benefits: 2 Distortion passes, food & drinks tickets, 2 T-shirts, recommendation

2. VIP Volunteer

As a VIP volunteer you can choose between all the departments we offer, such as, the bar, where you will be in charge of not letting our guests get thirsty. Security and traffic, if you would like to assist and guide others, production team, if you prefer a more physical work, fence team if you would like to be a part of securing the area or one of our runners, if you feel like you are a problem solver and a ‘’right hand man’, and many more. VIP volunteers work a minimum of 2 shifts of 8 hours, before, during and/or after the festival, depending on the department of choice.

Read about all the departments on the end of this page. Minimum age is 18 years.

Working hours: 2 shifts (8-11 hrs/day)

Benefits: Distortion pass, food & drinks tickets, T-shirts

3. Volunteer 1-Day

Our one day volunteers can choose between all the departments when deciding where to work. This is made for you, who don’t have that much free time on your hands, but still want to be involved. This volunteer type requires working one shift of 8-10 hours before/during or after the festival.

Read about all the departments on the end of this page. Minimum age is 18 years.

Working hours: 8-11 hours

Benefits: Day ticket, food & drinks tickets, T-shirt

4. Volunteer light

This is a new concept that we have created for those of you who would like to join our Distortion team and help create this wonderful event but might not be that keen on the party bit. This type requires only 4-6 hours of work on one of the days before, during or after the festival.

For this role we would love to see the senior citizens who might like to fill in some of their free time with a cup of coffee and a friend, while volunteering. Or the Copenhagen parents taking time off from family duties, hanging with friends and still volunteering. Spend a great day guiding festival guests, help out at our kids Distortion, build wooden furniture out of pallets or nurse the other volunteers at our volunteer centres. These are just some of the tasks you can do as a volunteer light.

Also please let us know if you know other senior citizens that would be up for this. Try looking at grandparent’s golf teams, granny’s book club or your best friend’s parents. Read about all the departments on the end of this page.

Working hours: 4-6 hours

Benefits: T-shirt, water, fruit/snack

Our departments


Responsibilities include making sure that our guests are not thirsty, that your bar is all set and filled up as well as cleaned up at the end of your shift. The bars in Distortion are placed all over the festival areas – at the street parties and Distortion Ø – so there is a variety of shifts to be filled. Are you service minded, passionate about creating a great atmosphere and do you carry a smile on your face? Then you are perfect for the bar service crew.


Your job will essentially be restocking the bars with whatever they need, sorting and preparing shipments of alcohol, beer and soft drinks that are being delivered to the bars during the festival where it is needed. Without reliable bar runners, the bars will run dry and it will be a very boring festival, so we need a group of energetic, structured and thorough bar runners to make sure that the correct beverage and amount goes to the right place at the right time.


When applying for production you have to keep in mind that this is probably the ’’heaviest’’ department. We advise you only to apply for this role if you are not afraid of hard work, some heavy lifting and cable pulling. Production includes the electrical team, fence team, maintenance team, stage builders and clean up team. However, working in this department also means working with our hard core, hard working main production team.


As a volunteer with the Ticket Crew your most important task is selling tickets and wristbands for the festival. Part of the ticketing booths will also be information services, so this includes meeting lots of different people and welcoming everyone to the Distortion Festival.  This is a perfect role for Volunteer light.


For this role we are looking for volunteers that are comfortable in a fast paced working environment and who have good problem solving skills. As one of our runners you will be working as the right hand man to the coordinators of all the volunteers, which means that you will help wherever needed and in different departments, so everything can run smoothly.


In this role you will put up posters and hand out information to our neighbours around the city about the festival. This assignment takes place two weeks before the festival itself – giving you the opportunity to do one of your shifts prior, so you can enjoy more days of Distortion.


Street guides make sure that those who are lost will find their way. Or if anyone is in doubt, trouble or hurt, street guides are ready to assist them to get the help they need. Our street guides are also the link between the street hosts and our street department helping them to communicate. This is a perfect role for Volunteer light.


Your responsibilities will mainly be taking care of the other volunteers. Working in our volunteer centres, making sure they are well maintained, stocking up snacks and greeting other volunteers with a smile.