Vesterbro Street Party

Thursday 1 June 2023

Our famous free street party on Vesterbro is back. There are music parties and things to do for kids and people that love intimate, concerts and dinners.

On Vesterbro you will also find the free ActionHygge and Distortion X event.

Dybbølsgade 17 – The NEA Entertainment Show (Hiphop & dancehall concerts)

If you’re into reggae, dancehall, afrobeats, pop, and rap, then the event hosted by the independent record label NEA Entertainment is something for you! There will be artists playing all night in all different kinds of genres, so there is something for everyone. The only thing you need to bring is good vibes, mood, and dance moves. FB event

Dybbølsgade 27 – Slipdress – Sexy Street Soirée (Disco, house, RnB concerts)

Slipdress repeats the success from last year and turns their street party into a huge floor in the middle of Godsbanegade. The day starts softly with bingo and live music and then proceeds into a big rave at the end of the night. Come early and warm up for the big party where various DJs will serve you sweet and energetic tunes, including the two it-boys and DJs from the popular restaurant Fabro. FB event

Dybbølsgade 51 – KarmaGlitterCph (Glitterbooth)

On Dybbølsgade in the middle of Vesterbro, the women behind KarmaGlitterCph are ready to spice up your festival look. KarmaGlitterCph was made with the desire to create a universe of biodegradable glitter with original accessories. Swing by the glitter salon and make your look extra magical. FB event

Dybbølsgade 61 – 21G – Open Air (Soulful dance)

21G draws inspiration from half a century of discotheque and soulful house culture, and they wish to connect that history with the future of dance music and club culture. They strive to bring you a wide range of music not bound by any genre, but strictly limited to vibrations that stimulate the mind, body, and soul. Join them at Dybbølsgade, where six different resident DJs will bring you an energetic and uplifting dance party. FB event

Enghave Plads 1 – Kaffeplantagen – Old Timer’s Revival (Slow house)

Right in the middle of Enghave Plads you will find Kaffeplantagen, and they are ready to create a nice afternoon with warm tunes and cold drinks. The infamous DJs Karsten Loud, Masthi and Jakob Bech will be there to charm up your evening with their house and electronic tracks and good vibes. FB event

Enghave Plads 3 – Distortion-bussen (live)
bandet Smag på dig selv og DJ Berrin Bas Live balkan og syret solskinsfunk. FB event.

Enghave Plads 17 – Nights in Rio – Rolezin (Brazilian Funk & Beats)

Rolezin comes from a Brazilian slang word that means gathering with your friends for a good time. The founders of the event, Priscila and Leonardo, embrace Brazil at their core with inspiration from their surroundings by throwing this unique party experience. You can expect breaking a sweat on the dance floor to Brazilian rhythms like baile funk, mandelão, and rave funk. FB event

Haderslevsgade 12 – Kenuba Link & Entertainment – Afro Distortion (Afrobeats & dance)

Afro Distortion will serve you DJs, music, food, drinks, dancers, and upcoming artists in Denmark hosted by Kenuba Link & Entertainment. Having organised events and parties for ten years, Kenuba Link & Entertainment knows what it takes to throw a great party. The space at Haderslevgade will be filled with sounds from different genres, including afrobeats and a bit of dancehall and hip hop. FB event

Halmtorvet 9 – Backyard Party

GOOD WIBES x Halmtorvet 9 present this year’s big house street party at Distortion. With a lineup full of Danish electronic upcoming and established artists, the stage will offer the latest in tech, bass, UK, and French house. This event will be a setting for a series of exclusive back-2-back performances among the artists, who create unique joint performances never seen before on Danish soil. Come and join the rave in H9’s charming backyard.

Halmtorvet 26 – DJ Lisa Kaye x Club Warehouse (Chicago house)

Club Warehouse provides the sweet house vibe that is deep funky New York House music. The three DJs: DJ Lisa Kaye, Sepii, and SOLEIL Camara will make sure to spice up your night with fresh and groovy house selections. Come to WAREHOUSE and fall in love or simply dance until your body implodes – or both. FB event

Halmtorvet 36 – Good Jujuman Dancehall Party (Dancehall, reggae & more)

Juju is in West Africa considered to be something that is under a spell or magical power – this is exactly what you can expect from this party hosted by Jujuman. The music will be in all different kinds of genres ranging from reggae to hip hop to jungle. Good Juju rubs off on people when they hear new music that feels like home – and that is what you are going to experience from this event. FB event

Halmtorvet 50 – Namunel – Dope Dance (House)

The legendary Elmegade party lives on in Vesterbro. This year, Namunel brings the party to Halmtorvet. A party that also marks their 10 year anniversary at Distortion. Expect techno and house from a number of Denmark’s best electronic acts with their solid sound system, good vibes, and even better music. FB event

Litauens Plads – Smitten Glitz’ n’ Games (Gaming Lounge)

This year the dating app Smitten invites you to join the Smitten X Distortion Street event full of glitz, games and exciting prizes! Come experience the Glitter Bar, blindfolded twister with a twist, guessary games, and limbo challenges while you get to know your date. Make your way to Lithauens Plads to perfect your festival look and have a chance to win 7 days of premium membership for the app. FB event

Litauens Plads – Silent Events – Silent Disco (Disco & dance)

Silent Disco will yet again fill the area at Litauens Plads with a big, noiseless dance party hosted by Silent Events. Choose between three different channels with three different DJs, and become a part of the wavy ocean of colours, diversity, music, and dance. Put on a set of headphones and jump on the wave. FB event

Liva Weels Plads – Queer Music Agency & Brooklyn Brewery – Queer Distortion (melodic house)

Queer Distortion by Queer Music Agency (QMA) is made with the purpose of creating more diversity in the music industry by only representing queer artists and DJs. It is a community for queers as well as a safe space for minority groups. Get ready to party and celebrate individuality with the best tunes in various genres from talented DJs. This event is sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, who is associated with the queer community in New York. FB event

Oehlenschlægersgade 68 – DORMA 21 Records – 10 Year Anniversary Party (Classic house music)

The record store Dorma 21 is celebrating their 10 year anniversary at Distortion. Music is obviously the main focus at this street party, and it will mainly move within the genres of minimal, house, and techno. You can experience all this music created for a dance floor right in front of the store at Oehlenschlægersgade. FB event

Saxogade 105 – Weedshop – Space Weed Launch Party (House, afro & hip-hop concerts)

Weedshop is passionate about strengthening the Danish subculture and breaking the stigma that surrounds weed in our society. Some of the hottest artists have announced their arrival at this event, and the party will close with a huge house bang. You can among others experience JJ Paulo with his African rhythms, the international rapper CANCUN?, and the promising nordic R’n’B artist Ju Kaia. Look forward to a euphoric evening with a huge bar and their legendary weed booth. FB event

Skydebanegade 4 – Sort Kaffe & Vinyl – True Distortion (Punk & shoegaze concerts)

Vesterbro’s local record store and coffee shop Sort Kaffe & Vinyl presents Distortion’s only rock and punk scene right in front of their store on Skydebanegade. Four very different bands will perform under the genres dream pop, shoegaze, slacker grunge, and cold wave. Between the sets the DJs DJ Em and DJ Sebastian Morales will perform a mix of New Wave and Post Punk. FB event

Sønder Boulevard 20 – Makeup Booth by Rimmel London (Makeup) 

Visit Rimmel London cozy lounge in the heart of Sønder Boulevard, and put a cherry on top of your festival look with their Rimmel Kind & Free festival make-up. The team is ready to upgrade your festival look for free – and it only takes 3 minutes! The tarot reader Susanne Taylor will be there to read tarot for you, and if you bring a friend along you can use their photobooth to immortalize your memories and your looks.

Sønder Boulevard 32 – Urban Breakout Hip-Hop Stage (Hip-hop concerts)

Urban Breakout is back with a bang at this year’s Distortion! Head over to Sønder Boulevard for concerts with the coolest upcoming hip hop artists in the game. The space will be filled with high energy, good music, and a festive atmosphere. Different DJs will be playing during changeover, so you have to worry about getting out of the zone, because there will be music coming out of the speakers all the time. FB event

Sønder Boulevard 38 – Disco Planet – Sønder Boogievard Part II (Disco, funk & house)

Throw away your vitamin D, because the music collective Disco Planet will bring you sun all year round. Here you experience soulful music in both organic and electronic form. Disco Planet is for the ones who are looking for a new groove and want to meet new friends. They will provide good sound, decorations, and talented DJs. FB event

Sønder Boulevard 54 – Søhesten x Varme Rytmer x Batukizer (Global funk)

Søhesten X Varme Rytmer is a 100% goodtime street party based on jazz, disco, boogie, and groovy dance music. Come and swing your whole body around to a string of residents from the Copenhagen jazz club Søhesten, Hygge Bass DJs from Italy, and Batukizers Brazilian Sounds. FB event

Sønder Boulevard 61 – KaraokeLicious (Karaoke party)

Close to the heart of Sønder Boulevard, you can experience the fun-loving atmosphere with Karaoke Licious. Here you will get the opportunity to sing your lungs out to your favourite song in the middle of Distortion’s street party. Warm up your vocal cords and bring your friends for a fun, singing evening. FB event

Sønder Boulevard 64 – Lean Robotti & Maxi Fernandez – We Love CPH (Progressive house)

Get ready to dance between trees and animal balloons hanging from the jungle stage in the middle of Sønder Boulevard. Local talented Argentine and Danish DJs will bring you the groovy sounds of progressive house and melodic techno and a super friendly atmosphere. FB event

Sønder Boulevard 74 – 100Blaa Residency (Synthpop/RnB concerts)

The innovative music company 100BLAA focuses on building sustainable music careers for upcoming artists. This event encapsulates just that with the line-up consisting of Emil F, Neon Priest, Giddy Goye, Bjørn, and Matongo. Different DJs will be playing between the sets to make sure that you’re always listening to great sounds. It will be a cosy and inclusive night for everyone who is interested in listening to all different kinds of music genres. You can expect anything from electronic experimental to hip hop to alternative pop. FB event

Sønder Boulevard 100 – Myra – Brostepz (Hyperpop concerts)

At the end of Sønder Boulevard you can experience energic concerts hosted by the Copenhagen music company Myra. Myra presents Debbie Sings, Sonic Girl, The Bird, and Tonser, alongside four DJ-sets. All artists are from the flourishing alternative and hyper pop scene in Denmark. The concerts will be filled with amazing music and high energy. FB event


Alé Alé Panna is the only way

In between the roads of Sønder Boulevard, you will find some of the world’s best streetballers. Panna football is all about dancing with the ball. This year Panna House will bring the dance to Distortion. Panna House has hosted street football activities and events for the past ten years, including the street football festival Pannahouse Invitationals. Bring your friends and enjoy a fun and active evening. You might get lucky enough to win prizes, if you make a panna on one of their ballers.
Address: Sønder Boulevard 74, 1720 Copenhagen
FB event

Alors On Danse

This year’s Distortion is all about moving your body while also having fun. In collaboration with the nationally renowned star choreographer Toniah Pedersen, we have created Alors On Danse. There will be different dance pop-ups around Vesterbro with salsa, kizomba, and sabar dance. Moreover, we will introduce a dancing competition’, where you can experience top notch artists dancing to win the title Smooth Operator. So put on your favourite dance shoes and get ready to move your body, or just get ready to watch amazing dancers move their bodies.
Address: Main stage: The junction between Sønder Boulevard and Ny Carlsbergvej, Salsa pop-up: Istedgade 88, 1650 Copenhagen, African drum dance: Mysundegade, 1668 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
FB event


Distortion for Kids is a space created for the kids to participate in activities, workshops and watch shows. We believe in the importance of giving a voice to the younger generation, and we’re doing so by creating a platform for kids to express themselves through art and creativity. Bring your kids to Enghaveparken for an interactive day full of yoga, art, music, and creative workshops.
Address: Enghaveparken, 1761 Copenhagen, 12.00-19.00
FB event


DIDAKT Theatre Company will perform a pop-up street theatre all around Vesterbro at Distortion this year. The Murder of Romeo & Juliet is an interactive performance that explores the themes consent and guilt. We promise you a completely new way of theatre where you will be a part of the experience.

God Vibrations – den menneskelige frekvens på Distortion

At Dannebrogsgade you can find the unconventional, uneducated, and indispensable youth church and safe space. Come and be a part of an event where you can let yourself float to the music from different DJs at the outside space, or join the indoor oasis and let everything else go for a moment. This event is for everyone no matter who you are, or how you’re feeling. Simply come and just be in whatever way that fits you.
Address: Dannebrogsgade 53, 1660 Copenhagen
FB event

HundeDistortion 2

Ten local dog stores will gather together in order to create the best party for your dog – and you. Whether your dog is interested in learning a new dance move, getting a makeover, or buying the newest trendy jacket, make your way to Otto Krabbes Plads for a lovely, doggie afternoon.
Address: Otto Krabbes Plads, 15.00 – 18.00
FB event

La Neta Latin Party

The Mexican taquería La Neta will host the biggest Latin party at Distortion this year. Here you will get the chance to listen to great latin rhythms, learning a new salsa step or two, or even get a hold of the infamous Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling masks made by a local shop.
Address: Istedgade 88, 1650 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
FB event


Langbordsmiddag is an unforgettable evening of Copenhagen’s longest community dining table of more than half a kilometer in the heart of Vesterbro. During Distortion, we will transform Istedgade into a street food paradise, featuring French ​​Michelin star chef Iñaki Aizpitarte,  local restaurateurs and food trucks.

You can experience Tropical Beef that is curated by French ​​Michelin star chef Iñaki Aizpitarte and DJ Superpitcher aka La Flama Blanca. If you want to entice the Latin vibes, you can join the rising Spanish concept Paella Cosmica. Or if you are more in the mood for something Danish, you can join the 4-course dinner Potato Extravaganza based on classic Danish ingredients fusioned with Japanese and Southern European pantries by Copenhagen Cooking & Meyers.

Ticket and menu for Tropical Beef and Paella Cosmica dinners

Ticket and menu for Potato Extravaganza dinner

Address: Istedgadegade 39 – 134, 1650 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
FB event

New Kids On The Block

New Kids On The Block is an event created for the young by the young in in the ages of 12-17 years. . The stage only consists of young performers. It’s a non-alcoholic safe space with room for everyone, where well-being and safety is the primary focus with the hopes of educating the new generation in good, respectful behaviour in the night life.
Address: Enghaveparken, 1761 Copenhagen, 15.00 – 22.00
FB event


Four opera rebels have run away from their usual operas. The new party squad – Don Juan, Orlofsky, Musetta, and Violetta – throw themselves into the adventures that their everyday drama offers them in a rebellion against stereotypical character designs. They let their voices free and set the street in motion with maximum drama and high decibels, as they sing their way through the streets and alleys of Copenhagen.

Saxogade Doom Level

Saxogade is yet again lit up for a day of exciting happenings. The hairy wheel of fortune is back for you to gamble with a crazy haircut. Other parts of the street consist of interactive sound installations, ambient and experimental music, and street artists that will help you paint your aggressions and passions on one big community painting.
Address: Saxogade, 1662 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
FB event

Sidewalk Skate Down

The Skate Down is for everyone who’s interested in skateboarding, hip hop, or just chilling with friends. Grab your skateboard and join the competition for best trick or simply come as you are and enjoy our different hip hop mini shows at Enghave Skatepark throughout the day.
Enghave Skatepark, 1670 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
FB event

Stille og Rolig Distortion

If you’re looking for a chill hangout with your friends, or maybe just yourself, then Stille og Rolig Distortion at Skydebanehaven is the place for you. Make yourself comfortable in the grass while listening to the sounds from classical contemporary to experimental electronic music.
Address: Skydebanehaven, 1658 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
FB event

Ung I Byen

Ungdommens Demokratihus works to create a new political culture and support young people’s citizenship, community engagement, and self-organised communities. They wish to give space to young political and cultural voices by promoting democratic conversations. For the event Ung I Byen, Ungdommens Demokratihus will bring debates, talks, and speeches to the street in the middle of Litauens Plads.
Address: Litauens Plads, 1662 Copenhagen
FB event

Free entrance

Vesterbro Street Party is free and for all ages. Please remember that X events are ticketed and 18+.

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