F&B Host


Are you interested in serving food or drinks to thousnds of people at Copenhagen’s Distortion? There are available spots for food and beverage stands.

  • 2 June 2022: Street Party, Vesterbro, 16.00-22.00
  • 3 June 2022: Harbour Party At Inderhavnen and Refshaleøen 16.00-22.00 (Applications will be available in January)
  • 3-4 June 2022: Distortion Ø, Refshaleøen, 16.00-04.00 / 18.00-06.00

We are looking for stalls that have a sharp concept, high level of service, a menu that adds to our audience’s party experience and that you are working on a greener approach. We also aim to have a variety of food and bars that specialise in their own area to ensure we minimise internal competition.

Deadline is 1 March 2022. Read guidelines below before applying.

Apply here


The stall fee gives you

  • Visibility and exposure on Distortions platforms.
  • Your name in the list of F&B programme for each event
  • Distortion is responsible for the overall production plan, placing toilets and crowd safety
  • Guide to all relevant permits needed to have a stall at the festival.

Locations & Expenses

Stall prices vary and depend on the location. The price for each stall reflects the stall’s revenue potential based on previous years sales. Prices are based on a standard setup with a 4 metre sales front. In order to accommodate your desired location for the street parties, please include 3 stall locations in your application.

Furthermore, this year we will divide the streetparty and areas into zones which differentiate in pricing and the stalls potential income.

Pricing for bar stands

  • In green area: 8.000 kr.
  • In yellow area: 13.500 kr.
  • In pink area: 25.500 kr.

Pricing for food stands

  • In green area: 3.000 kr.
  • In yellow area: 5.000 kr.
  • In pink area: 9.000 kr.

The map which illustrates the different zones will soon be available here. You’re welcome to leave a note in your application if you have a specific area in either Vesterbro or Distortion Ø you prefer.


  • 1 March: Application deadline
  • 3 March: Alcohol permit
  • 15 April: Confirmation of application
  • 2 May: 50% deposit of stall fee must be paid (non refundable)
  • 10 May: Remaining 50% of stall fee must be paid


  • Food stalls are only allowed to sell food, while bars are only allowed to sell drinks.
  • Bars can not sell beer, energy drink or other competitive products that challenges Distortion product portfolio
  • You are able to use soda and energy drinks in cocktails or drinks. It must not be advertised in your stall and the name of the cocktail/drink must be named differently – think unique and creative names.
  • Third party exposure / sponsorship exposure is not allowed.
  • You may ONLY advertise your own product and business info.
  • Set up / Pack Down
  • Setup for your food/bar stalls on the streets must happen between 10.00 and 15.00 each day on Vesterbro and you can easily prepare your setup at Distortion Ø thursday the 2nd of june.
  • Pack down MUST be completed by 23.30 each day. The streets begin to get cleaned from 00.00 (midnight) so it is important that your stall along with any waste made from your stall or truck is tidied.


Bar stands: All bar stalls must have a liquor sales license prior to Distortion containing a person responsible for this during operation. Please email or upload your liquor license documentation and the name of the manager who will be running the stall to [email protected] along with a confirmation email saying you have paid your deposit.

Food stands: All food stalls must have a food safety license/certificate before we can confirm a site for you. Please email this to [email protected] with the subject line stating ‘your company name’ and ‘food safety certificate’. Info regarding hygiene along with the course and checks required to get a license can be found on Fødevarekurser’ website. Food stands and bars must also fill out an “Lejlighedstilladelse” permit for selling products on the streets (fill out the attached file “Lejlighedstilladelse”). This formula must be handed in no later than the date above

Go greener

We urge you to think green in your approach, which includes the following guidelines:

  • We encourage you to use biodegradable packaging, paper cups/plates/knives/forks, recycled napkins, NO plastic straws, return cups/buckets and minimal glass for safety.
  • If you are in need of an eco-friendly supplier for packaging or serving materials please contact us on [email protected] as we can help you with this – not just for the festival but going forward as well.
  • Concerning buckets, it must not exceed 1 litre in volume and it can’t be hard plastic material! Buckets MUST have a pant system associated with it.
  • It is recommended that you have some kind of logo or branding on a bucket so you know whether the bucket was purchased at your bar(s). In general we recommend using containers/buckets that can be returnable in your bar(s) with a fixed price attached, so the guests are able to deliver them back.
  • You are responsible for your own trash and must take this with you at the end of each day to ensure the area around your stall is clean. For your own sake we advise you to sort out your trash in the different categories mentioned above.


  • For the street parties you must provide electricity and water and connect this yourself. If you need help with this, Distortion can contact the electricity provider for an affordable price.
  • For Distortion Ø there is 1 x 13A, 1 phase 230V power source included in the price. There is no water connection, but there is access to fresh water. If you need more this can be purchased at an affordable price.