Friday 3 June 2022
Inderhavnen & Refshaleøen

This is a new programme for 2022. Havnehygge is chilled and intimate daytime events for all ages and dance parties inner the inner city harbour.

Free entrance

ALL events at Havnehygge are free and for all ages.

Havnegade 14


A renewed focus on creating safer spaces in the Copenhagen night life has led to an explosion of creative and including communities. QueerDistortion promises to guide you through some of the very best of the movement, spearheaded by the excellent DJs and party architects Schaarup, head booker of Natklubben, and scenographer Simon Witzansky.

Havnegade 43

Karaoke Licious

Run by the impeccably named Pineapple in its Own Juice crew, Karaoke Licious does exactly what it says on the tin, and delivers straight forward (but not necessarily in tune) fun with your pals, accompanied by more than 1 million songs to choose from. We’re told someone proposed the last time the crew visited Distortion. Probably best to do before you start singing, though.

Havnegade 35

Tullamore Dew: Whisky Street Party

Sorta self-explanatory, this one – Tullamore Dew, famous whiskey brand, figures it’d do well at one of Northern Europe’s biggest street parties. Partygoers like whiskey. Good times to be had by all. Expect a not-too ravey vibe and neat drinks, a safe port in the storm of parties around you, and an excellent opportunity to sample something else than your lukewarm canned beer.

Islands Brygge 17

Folkekirkens Nødhjælp: Climate and Sustainability Lab

You know that feeling during a party, when you suddenly realise that there’s more to all of this – that we’re connected, one world under a groove, and have to work together to figure things out? If so, the Climate and Sustainability Lab is the place for you. Unwind with a chance to reflect on sustainability, be creative and take action together, all the while pushing the boundaries of art, nature and party culture. Hosted by Folkekirkens Nødhjælp.

Islands Brygge


Any raver worth their salt has experienced the horrors of bad glitter. Plastic stuff that gets everywhere, is impossible to clean off, and in general not something you’d want to flush down the drain. If so, KarmaGlitterCph is your new best friend. Sparkly, biodegradable (!!!) glitter and gems, tailormade for a beautiful Copenhagen sunset party. Simple concept, really – go here, get glittered, enjoy the rest of your night looking extra fancy, don’t fret in the morning. Win-win-win.

Islands Brygge 18

The Liberation of the HMS Dancefloor

Ok, so this one’s a clear contender for the most enticing concept at this year’s street parties. A 18m fishing vessel, decked out to resemble something from a steampunk fantasy, complete with chains, smoke and a decidedly DYI-pirate atmosphere, manned by a crew of friends with sights set on world class party vibes. Did we mention they’ll have people walking the plank? Or that there’ll be pirates? PIRATES?!

Islands Brygge 20

Silent Disco

The funny thing about dancing on your own is that, at a certain point, you realise that you’re not alone – the music links you to the world outside yourself, and ties you together with other dancers. Silent Disco is perhaps the best possible way to experience this little nugget of dance floor existentialism, as you’ll be equipped with headphones and a choice selection of DJs available on different channels. Trust us – dancing to your own beat has never been as fun as this.

Islands Brygge 10

Beat:Us & Hinge Event: Psychill På Havnen

Dance music culture has always had a strong psychedelic tinge, with endless summers of love promising peace, unity and safe spaces to express yourself. With Psychill på Havnen, Beat:Us and HINGE EVENT brings the hippie vibes to this year’s Distortion, with a lineup that ranges from downbeat and dub to otherworldly soundscapes, blasted from a state- of-the-art sound system. Unwind people, unwind – feel the wind in your hair, and the sand between your toes.

Islands Brygge 19

Foam: Foam Oasis

Meant as a chilled out meeting spot in the middle of the street parties, Foam Oasis is a space to unwind, to meet new people, and to hear the gospel of Foam, a brand new app-based social network for people wishing to discover, play and create together. The whole point is to look away from the screen – who knows who you’ll meet if you go exploring?

Knippelsbrogade 10

Warehouse Party

“I Remember House…” If you’re a house music head, you know that there’s nothing quite like that New York sound – funky, deep, and filled to the brim with true-school Nuyorican latin and afro vibes, spanning time and space through the prism of the Black Atlantic. These days, it’s a vibe that sadly all too rare in Copenhagen nightlife, but fret not – Lisa Kaye and Jack Rothe are here to save the day. Proper ballroom ans warehouse vibes all day long.

Refshaleøen, Sønder Hoved

Daily Dak

Daily Dak is back at Distortion! They promise trance music, killer lineup and good vibes. Hot tip: When Havnehygge is closed down Daily Dak will continue their game at Distortion Ø where they will be hosting the trance tunnel untill 03.00 in the morning.

Refshaleøen, Reffen

Reffen Streetfood

Coming soon…

Refshaleøen, Reffen


Refshaleøen’s WERKSTATT has quickly become one of Copenhagen’s most popular bar/ club combos. The setting is one-of-a-kind, with proper industrial Reffen vibes mixed with a gung-ho, DIY attitude – pretty sweet setup for a party, innit? The lineup for their Distortion Havnehygge party is a straight-up deep house banger, with loads of B2B sets and general madness abound.

Refshaleøen, Sønder Hoved


Not to be confused with the similarly named venues elsewhere in town, Øen Ved Siden Af presents a veritable techno extravaganza at this years’ Havnehygge. Boasting top-of-the-line DJs and sound, the (free) event is perfect for discerning ravers with a bent for ‘come as you are, you’re all perfect’-Berliner vibes. The mysterious lineup is for the most part still unannounced, but promises both Swedish apple pie and local Untzi-Untzi delicacies.

Refshaleøen, Sønder Hoved


To exactly no-one’s surprise, the Royal Music Conservatory in Copenhagen is one of the absolute hotbeds of musical talent in Denmark. Picking up where earlier students left off, the Club Conscious crew plan to bring all that talent to the world, picking up students from the other art schools in Holmen and parading together towards the sunset at Refshaleøen. From disco to drum and bass with some of the sweetest people in town.

Refshaleøen, CPH Village

CPH Village

Without a doubt the student housing in Copenhagen with the best view and hottest residents. CPH Village is taking part in Distortion HavneHygge. Come join us for an afternoon of sun and great music on the dock. We guarantee a chill vibe, great moves and cold drinks. The line-up will consist of resident DJ’s, DJ Draber666 and DJ Spice. They will make sure you get your boogie on. You don’t want to miss it.


La Dolce Vita

Havnehygge with 6 hours of chilled out disco vibes at Bølgen. To be enjoyed with friends, drinks and maybe even a dip in the canals! To serve you some beautiful italo, balearic, house and disco, the jockeys are Marcus Voigt, Niels Bagge Hansen, Boogie Rookie.