Vesterbro Street Party

Thursday 2 June 2022

Our famous free street party on Vesterbro is back. There are music parties and things to do for kids and people that love intimate, concerts and dinners.

On Vesterbro you will also find the free Actionhygge events and X Vesterbro – the festival’s largest X area with 5 stages.

Free entrance

Vesterbro Street Party is free and for all ages. Please note that X Vesterbro is ticketed.

Dannebrogsgade 55

Foam Oasis

Meant as a chilled out meeting spot in the middle of the street parties, Foam Oasis is a space to unwind, to meet new people, and to hear the gospel of Foam, a brand new app-based social network for people wishing to discover, play and create together. The whole point is to look away from the screen – who knows who you’ll meet if you go exploring?

Dybbølsgade 26


This is a big one. Slipdress – an omnipresent DJ duo consisting of Copenhagen based DJs Aviaja and Ploy – have put together an absolutely killer event that reflects a Copenhagen nightlife on the move. A scene where representation matters more than ever, and where you – yes, YOU! – will get the chance to experience some of the very best DJs and upcoming live acts in town in a safe, welcoming, and visually appealing setting.

Dybbølsgade 58


Any raver worth their salt has experienced the horrors of bad glitter. Plastic stuff that gets everywhere, is impossible to clean off, and in general not something you’d want to flush down the drain. If so, KarmaGlitterCph is your new best friend. Sparkly, biodegradable (!!!) glitter and gems, tailormade for a beautiful Copenhagen sunset party. Simple concept, really – go here, get glittered, enjoy the rest of your night looking extra fancy, don’t fret in the morning. Win-win-win.

Dybbølsgade 64

COMAclub & Kushi

A veritable CPH nightlife institution, Coma Club has been a defining feature of Danish club culture since the late eighties. Their extravagant, playful parties take their cue from the heyday of disco hedonism, where nothing mattered more than the freedom to express yourself. A testament to the genius of founder Kenneth Bager, the Coma parties manage to constantly reinvent themselves and yet stay right in the sweet spot. I was born this way, baby.

Enghave Plads

CopenhagenKonfidential & World Dance Academy: Brown Sugar Social Club

During the last 25 years, CopenhagenKonfidential & World Dance Academy have been at the forefront of bringing Black music and dance culture to Copenhagen. Brown Sugar Social Club is their genre-spanning party series, ranging from Afrobeats, Dancehall and hiphop to Disco and Boogie. This time around at Distortion, they’re bringing along an all star lineup of DJs and dance crews – a setup that’s sure to keep Enghave Plads bouncing from start to finish.

Frederikstadsgade 7

Tullamore Dew: Whisky Street Party

Sorta self-explanatory, this one – Tullamore Dew, famous whiskey brand, figures it’d do well at one of Northern Europe’s biggest street parties. Partygoers like whiskey. Good times to be had by all. Expect a not-too ravey vibe and neat drinks, a safe port in the storm of parties around you, and an excellent opportunity to sample something else than your lukewarm canned beer.

Halmtorvet 9

Good Wibes & H9: Backyard Party

Located near Kødbyen, the absolute epicenter of Copenhagen nightlife, the H9 backyard is a hidden gem, smack dab in the middle of everything with an appealing cocktail-bar vibe. This year, they’ve teamed up with Sebastian Wibe/ GOOD WIBES to present a lineup of some of the best upcoming house DJs in Denmark. Killer lineup and setting, guaranteed party within a party.

Halmtorvet 34

Jujuman Sound System: From Lagos to Kingston over London to Copenhagen

Global club culture’s a beautiful thing. A song and dance craze might spread from West Africa to the Caribbean, and from there to dank basement clubs in London, and then, years later, end up as smash hits on Euro radio. Jujuman Sound System brings together all these threads, uniting all through the healing nature of bass and love. Come and celebrate with us, dance, catch the Juju – and pass it on.

Halmtorvet 36

Namunel: Elmegadefesten dør aldrig

If we’re talking mainstays at the Distortion street parties, Namunel has to be at the top of the list. After a legendary nine-year run on Nørrebro’s Elmegade, they’ve relocated for year ten, and will bring their deep techno and house vibes – along with the always top-class sound system – to Vesterbro. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – and Namunel is a focused, well-oiled machine. Heavy, deep, vibes with the music front and center – what’s not to love.

Litauens Plads

Silent Disco

The funny thing about dancing on your own is that, at a certain point, you realise that you’re not alone – the music links you to the world outside yourself, and ties you together with other dancers. Silent Disco is perhaps the best possible way to experience this little nugget of dance floor existentialism, as you’ll be equipped with headphones and a choice selection of DJs available on different channels. Trust us – dancing to your own beat has never been as fun as this.

Litauens Plads 50

Folkekirkens Nødhjælp: Climate and Sustainability Lab

You are invited to this year’s Unique Perspectives Fashion Show! Come relax and enjoy a unique experience where fashion meets action.

Ny Carlsbergvej 8

Warehouse Party

“I Remember House …” If you’re a house music head, you know that there’s nothing quite like that New York sound – funky, deep, and filled to the brim with true-school Nuyorican latin and afro vibes, spanning time and space through the prism of the Black Atlantic. These days, it’s a vibe that sadly all too rare in Copenhagen nightlife, but fret not – Lisa Kaye and Jack Rothe are here to save the day. Proper ballroom ans warehouse vibes all day long.

Saxogade 92

Settlementet: Arkade Jam

A winner if we ever saw one, the Arkade Jam concept takes its cue from the synth-pop universes of movies like Drive and Stranger Things. Manipulate synth-modules on the fly, and make spur-of-the-moment music with others, right there in the street. Bleeps and bloops aside, the event also features a live performance by Swedish sound artist Vagantpoesi, as well as a hairstyle wheel of fortune (of doom). Yes, you heard right, and no, there are no refunds on the haircuts.

Saxogade 105


Danes are loathe to admit it, but Sweden has always had our card when it comes to new music. Aloaded is a boutique music distribution company from the other side of Øresund, with a kink for all things weird and wonderful. To celebrate the opening of their Copenhagen outlet, they have decided to kick things off with a DJ party that promises the very best of left field Swedish underground music, from electronic to indie and garage rock, presented in a specially designed stage setting resembling a glowing temple.

Sønder Boulevard 37


You might not know it, but if you’ve gone clubbing in the last five-ish years or so, chances are that you’ve been dancing to minimal or micro house, a genre that has taken clubs world over by storm. As the name implies, micro house is based on sparse instrumentation, all the while maintaining the soul and groove of house music. The Argentinian Ikigai collective are some of the finest purveyors of the genre in Copenhagen, basing their parties on a unique aesthetic atmosphere, characterised by plants, top quality sound, and even better crowds.

Sønder Boulevard 38

Disco Planet: Sønder Boogievard

Disco gave birth to the groove we hear in electronic music, and the groove is what Disco Planet is all about. Jump on a spaceship to the sexiest party in town, and discover for yourself that yes, there is life on other planets, and yes, it wears glitter, and yes, the best dance music is built around funky bass lines, soaring strings and divas with stories to tell and scores to settle. Rocket engines powered by Lambda Labs speakers.

Sønder Boulevard 52

Søhesten & Varme Rytmer

Carla and Rasmus Schack have been pushing boundaries in Danish nightlife for more than a decade. With impeccable taste and good vibes, they’ve introduced endless Copenhagen dancers to the joy of Brazilian music and rare grooves in general of the highest order. Together with Søhesten, a premier nightlife haunt in Copenhagen, they’ve put together an all star lineup featuring some of DKs finest selectors when it comes to afro, latin, and house – including local heroes Kipanga and Anthon Stacks.

Sønder Boulevard 67

Karaoke Licious

Karaoke Licious does exactly what it says on the tin, and delivers straight forward (but not necessarily in tune) fun with your pals, accompanied by more than 1 million songs to choose from. We’re told someone proposed the last time the crew visited Distortion. Probably best to do before you start singing, though.

Sønder Boulevard 90

Urban Breakout

While many may associate Distortion with straight-up four to the floor music, hiphop has always been a mainstay at the street parties. Urban Breakout represents the latest in that proud tradition – a kick ass introduction to the Copenhagen underground hiphop scene, with some of the hottest upcoming acts ranging from trap, grime, and afrobeats, to old school vibes and RnB – just the way the dance floor likes it.

Sønder Boulevard 100

Kenuba Link: Afro Distortion Party

Ken Uba is one of Copenhagen’s premier promoters on the Afrobeats scene. This summer, he’ll present the first edition of Afro Distortion CPH, his first event as a solo organiser at Distortion. Expect no less than the best DJs on the Copenhagen Afrobeats scene – including local heroes DJ Mofiyah and Taf Dollar – and an absolutely scorching dance floor.