Visual Artists Open Call

We are seeking people who are looking to experiment with new projects and who want to contribute to the art and atmosphere of Distortion Ø 2023.

Distortion Ø is a creative, open and spectacular festival, and we are looking for visual artists who want to encapsulate just this. Your project can be either small or large, but it has to be created on location and be site-specific. It can be anything from installations with light and sculptures to sensorial experiences, visual projections and tech art. Or whatever your imagination allows you to bring to life under this year’s theme – metamorphosis. 

The meaning of metamorphosis is the change of physical form, structure, or substance. We want to showcase art that illustrates the dynamic world we live in, and to increase our societal role as a transformative festival. Your work might undergo a metamorphosis in itself, physically, or in the way it touches viewers, relates to our time or environment. A particular field is the way it might hatch new identities via exploration and evolution of the self. 

Distortion Ø takes place on the 2–3 June 2023 at Refshaleøen, Copenhagen.

If you think it would be fun to create a new project on location in the week leading up to the festival, then we would love to hear from you. 


Practical information

How to apply

You must submit an application that should include the following:

  • Short project description
  • Sketches of your idea in form of drawings, photos, collage, video
  • Budget for material costs

Send your application by email to [email protected]. Deadline is 3 April 2023. You will get feedback on your application latest 11 April. If you have any questions please contact Emma at [email protected].


What Distortion offers you

  • Material costs for your project
  • Machinery such as lifts. Please note that this will have to be shared with other artists. 
  • Food & drinks during the build-up days and during the festival
  • Exposure on our social media platforms
  • Meeting other creative and productive minds
  • Volunteer help and project lead help. The art and atmosphere project leader will be present for build up, festival and takedown
  • From 29 May the festival site will be open for you to start building your project at your allocated place


What we expect from you

  • You must include lightning for your project as part of the task
  • You need to bring tools, cables and extension cords as we have limited supply
  • We will of course do our best to support your needs, but we encourage you to be as self-sufficient as possible and bring everything you need to execute your project
  • You are responsible for taking down your own project and leave no trace. Get-out is expected in the days following the festival. However, it varies depending on your allocated place, which the project leader will inform you about.

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