We are excited to have Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Annælix performing at Distortion Ø!

Annælix is greatly involved in the Danish electronic music scene. Besides regular performances at Copenhagen’s best clubs, she organises the events Folkets Haus and For Haus Sake. She also teaches songwriting, music production and electronic music, and is the co-founder of Beats By Girlz Denmark, which strives to empower women and gender minorities in the music industry.

As a composer, Annælix creates atmospheric universes filled with melodic synths, groovy basslines and a slow 4-to-the-floor. She is currently releasing music from her tetralogy project, inspired by the four elements water, earth, air and fire – counting already the EP ‘Bølger & Sand’, ‘Høj Luft’ and the newly released ‘Hold Håbet’.

Expect an immersive sonic experience when Annælix brings her deep and groovy sound to Distortion Ø.

Annælix will play at Distortion Ø, Saturday 1 June 2024.


ANNÆLIX · Annælix @ Karrusel 2022


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