Do you love being social and having fun, while also working hard? If yes, then you are in the right place! The volunteer application for Distortion 2023 is now open.

Before submitting your application you will need to read the information below about shift types, benefits and the areas where you can work.

Volunteer Application

Hours and benefits

One-day volunteer (9-hour shift)

  • One-day ticket for a day of your choice
  • T-shirt
  • Meal on your shift
  • 4 x drink tickets during the festival
  • Access to crew area on Ø

Two-day volunteer (2 x 9-hour shift)

  • Two-day ticket for days of your choice
  • T-shirt
  • Meals on your shifts
  • 4 x drink tickets during the festival
  • Access to crew area on Ø

Three-day volunteer (3 x 9-hour shift before or during the festival) or a 12-hour shift (usually doing the festival).

  • Full Pass
  • T-shirt
  • Meals on your shifts
  • 4 x drink tickets during the festival
  • Access to crew area on Ø

Team Leader (lots of hours)

  • Full Pass x 2
  • T-shirt
  • Meals on your shifts
  • 12 x drink tickets during the festival
  • Access to crew area on Ø

This is by application only. If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected].

Light volunteer (4-6 hours)

  • No ticket
  • T-shirt
  • Meal on your shift
  • Access to crew area on Ø

If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected].

Full Saturday volunteer at Distortion (12-hour shift Saturday)

  • Karrusel Two-Day Pass (Please note that this shift does NOT entitle you to a ticket to Distortion Festival)
  • T-shirt
  • Meals on your shifts
  • 4 x drink tickets during Karrusel Festival 
  • Access to crew area on Ø 

If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected].

Meet the coordinator

Volunteer areas


Serve at the front, prep drinks in the back, fill up, sort recycling cups, set up, and take down the bar. Shifts are during the festival only. Please note that if you choose a Friday shift in the bar make sure to choose whether you want a 8,5-hour shift in the Harbour Bars or a 12-hour shift at Ø.

Crowd Host

Help us make the best street party Thursday and harbour party Friday by just being there for our guests. Guide them, pamper them, look out for them, and just enjoy the atmosphere of the open festival. You will always be working in couples. Shifts are during the festival only.

Merchandise Sales

Set up and enjoy selling merchandise to our guests. Depending on the day you choose your shift you will be selling out of a bar, off a bicycle, or from our information booth. This is a great way to be close to the happenings and to our guests. Shifts are during the festival only.

Volunteer Centre

Our most precious people – our volunteers – need to have a cool place to hang out. Help us set it up and to be there for them and nurse them and have fun with them. This is where you get to spoil your colleagues – a pretty nice role to play. Shifts are during the festival only.

Traffic Guide

Since we’re blocking some pretty big streets of Copenhagen with huge cement blocks making it impossible to drive through, we need to have two people stationed at every intersection to help guide the lost souls. There will be a lot of questions of how to get around, and we have to make sure that only the people with the right access get to enter our production sites etc. Shifts are on the days of the festivals, some before the happenings start and some during.

Sign Assembly

We receive quite a big amount of street and traffic signs that we must assemble a few weeks before the festival. This a good day of hard work, but at least your work is done a long time before the festival. Shifts are before the festival.

Car Registration

When all the parking and street signs are placed, we need to register the cars that are parked in the areas. It can be a great and cosy day with a friend, taking photos, and walking the streets of Copenhagen. Shifts are before the festival.


The nice thing about joining the production team is that you will be a part of a bigger team, giving out high fives and see the progress of your hard work. Help us build podiums, stages, set up fences, create a great crew centre – in general: create the festival grounds. Please remember to decide whether you want to work on our X or Ø sites, if you are volunteering with others. Most shifts are before the festival, but there are few cool long shifts during as well, where you are on stand-by part of the shift to maintain whatever needs maintaining and fixing.

Electrical Team

This is a super popular team to be part of and usually fills up quickly. It can be hard work carrying some m….. f….. big cables around, but the team is always made up of all genders in all ages – so basically anyone can do it. Shifts are before and after the festival.

Artist Care

This is where you cater to the artists and see to their well being, making sure they have what they need, and you help them to and from the stages. Shifts are on Friday and Saturday only and are 12-hour shifts.

Arts and Deco

Our festival usually has some pretty amazing installations and decorations at Ø, and you can help build, paint, and create to add to the atmosphere in this team. Shifts are before the festival.

Tickets and Entrance

To enter the X and Ø areas of our festival – the concerts that require tickets aside from our street and harbour festival – our guests will want to swap their tickets to wristbands in our ticket booths. We have to scan their tickets before entry. This shift can therefore either be in the ticket booth or scanning at the gates – or both. Shifts are during the festival.

Support Wristbands

If you are good at selling, then this is the job for you. We need energetic and fun sales people at every portal leading to the street and harbour festivals selling support wristbands. This is a super important task, because you are helping the festival survive year after year. Shifts are Thursday and Friday.


This is for you, who like to do a bit of everything without so much structure. You might have some “dead” periods during your shift, and at other times you will be real busy. It can be anything from doing production stuff to bringing stuff to bars and escorting volunteers and much more. Shifts are before and during the festival.


These are festivals within the festival – or smaller projects like Kids Distortion, Next Generation Distortion (Teen Distortion), Stille-og-rolig Distortion, Community Dinner etc. There is a variety of tasks involved in these projects, so you’ll be a bit of runner doing lots of fun stuff. Shifts are during the festival.

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