ActionHygge is a series of events for audiences who love intimate, cosy, and immersive activities such as talk, art, food, and small concerts. Moreover, ActionHygge is also pop-up events that transform the street from the normal bike lane to a stage for collective, social experiences for every age group.

First batch of events are here – more to follow.


Hans Tavsens Park | 14.00-19.00 | FB Event

BørneDistortion is a space created for the kids to participate in activities, workshops, and enjoy a concert or two. We believe in the importance of giving a voice to the younger generation, and we’re doing so by creating a platform for kids to express themselves and their dreams through art and creativity.

In collaboration with Nørrebro Bibliotek, Bette Café, Den Bemandede Legeplads, Høreforeningen, and many more we have created an interactive, magical day full of art, music, and creative workshops. There will of course be great opportunities to indulge in an ice cream or a hot dog – and don’t worry there will also be coffee for the adults.

Take a stroll through the Assistens Cemetery and bring your kids or grandkids to Hans Tavsens Park and let them explore their creative minds.

New Kids On The Block
Urban 13, under Bispeengbuen | 15.00 – 21.00 | FB Event

Get ready because New Kids On The Block is back again to give young people aged 12-17 their very own festival space. Urban 13 under Bispeengbuen will be transformed into a non-alcoholic safe space where everyone is welcome exactly as they are.

The afternoon and evening will be filled with cool and passionate artists to get you grooving to the music. The line up includes DJ’s and vocalists from music communities like Turning Tables, Det Starter med Musikken and Game Urban Music School.

But it is not just about the music – there will also be fun activities that focus on what it means to be a teenager. Whether you are into dancing or playing football, you can recharge with a delicious pizza and soda made by FRAK.

And lastly without saying too much, the night might just end with a well-known surprise you will not want to miss. Come and celebrate being young!

Nørrebrogade 66-110 | 16.00-22.00 | FB Event

The extraordinary dining experience Langbordsmiddag is making its way to the middle of Nørrebrogade next to the iconic yellow wall. Join us for an unforgettable evening of 500 meters of community dining and a celebration of summer.

Nørrebrogade will be transformed into a vibrant food paradise, offering a journey through different cultures through food, music, and performances.

You can experience last year’s success Tropical Beef that is curated by French ​​Michelin star chef Iñaki Aizpitarte and DJ Superpitcher who invite founder of Fiskebaren Anders Selmer and natural wine master sommelier Sune Rosforth, as well as a Mexican chef.

Korean kimchi legend, Kala Sung will bring her famous kimchi to the table. She has been supplying kimchi all around the Copenhagen food scene since arriving from New York a few years ago.

Another part of the table offers Greek rural festivities with grandmothers cooking, contemporary dance, live music by Johan Papaconstantino, and specially imported drinks, all curated by Paris-based Theodoros Gennitsakis and Berlin-based Axel Brack.

For those craving Latin vibes, you can dive into Paella Cosmica, a Spanish concept by two young Spanish cooks and DJs who aim to connect people and cultures through gastronomy, art, and music. Join us for an evening of culinary delights and cultural exploration!

HundeDistortion 3 – Gud Ske Tak Og Vov
De Gamles By, Agnes Henningsens Vej 11 | 15.00-18.00 | FB Event

For the first time in history HundeDistortion comes to Nørrebro. More than ten local dog stores and clinics collaborate to create Copenhagen’s best party for both you and your furry friend.

Let your dog shine like the superstar they are with a makeover at Honey Doggy Saloon and a stroll down the red carpet, while indulging them with snacks from Natural Dogfood, 4Benede Venner, Pets, and many more at the food bazar.

Loosen the leash a tiny bit and who knows, your dog might just catch the eye of a new friend or two in Copenhagen’s buzzing doggy dating corner.

Of course it would not be Distortion without some funky tunes, so DJ-duo HEJLEIF will bring some treats in the form of a special doggy mix to keep the atmosphere lively. So whether your dog wants to try an agility course, be a celebrity for a day, or get a new cool collar, head to De Gamles By for an afternoon of woofing fun..

Nørrebro Smackdown
Corner of Nørrebrogade and Fælledvej | 16.00-22.00 | FB Event

Nørrebro Smackdown marks the first ever wrestling show in Copenhagen. The intersection between Nørrebrogade and Fælledvej will be turned into a colosseum-inspired setting, inviting you to stand ringside right in the middle of the street party.

BODYSLAM!, the association behind this spectacular event, is known for hosting sold-out shows nationwide, so prepare yourself for a thrilling experience.

Top-shelf entertainment awaits alongside star wrestlers such as “The Get High Bad Guy” Michael Fynne, the super athlete Carlos Zamora, the Mokaï mates RandersPagne, “The Apex of Scandinavia” Emilian Lewis, and many others. As always, the event will be seasoned with international guest performers, enriching the already captivating saga of BODYSLAM favourites.

Cheer on the good, boo on the bad, and let yourself be carried away by the completely unique wrestling atmosphere in this quite unprecedented setup.

Outside Plejecenter Sølund, Ryesgade 20A | 16.00-22.00 | FB Event

Life does not have to be boring just because you are getting older and MormorDistortion proves just that when the two old friends Sølund Plejecenter and the senior activity center Midtpunkt are making their way back to Distortion.

The motto ‘We live life for music’ beautifully encapsulates very well what it means to be at MormorDistortion. There will be singalongs in true folk high school style, happy rhythms with Kara Para vs. Balkan Swing, playing everything from Cohen to Cash, and maybe a dance troupe, a samba precession, and a ballerina…

Take your grandma under your arms and give her an unforgettable afternoon, bring your neighbour, or just show up as you are and come out and celebrate life, summer, and memorable times.

Bip Bip Bar
Fælledvej 7 | 16.00-22.00 | FB Event

Bip Bip Bar brings the excitement of retro arcade gaming to Fælledvej. Get ready to shake joysticks and press buttons, and aim for new highscores or simply play for fun with classic games like Tekken and Donkey Kong.

Step out onto the street and enjoy the nostalgic Y2K party with a variety of good old arcade machines. DJ MIO MOI will be mixing and rebooting chiptunes on two Amiga 600 computers, merging original soundtracks from games like Turrican, Zool, and Project X into a fresh experience. Everything is done with original hardware from the early 90s, giving you an authentic blast from the past.

All over Nørrebro | 16.00-22.00 | FB Event

Embark on a journey with this year’s Gadeteater. De Sceneste, a young, dynamic, and local theatre association founded in 2017, presents an interactive street theatre troupe that roams the lively corners of Nørrebro. Through improvisation and audience participation, they bring spontaneity and creativity to the street party.

We promise you an inspiring and fun way of theatre where you will be a part of the experience, so look out for them as you wander the streets of Nørrebro.

Hårlykkehjul OF DOOM
Elmegade 13 | 16.00-22.00 | FB Event

On the charming street Elmegade, Ruben & Bobby bring back the wildly popular hairy wheel of fortune DOOM. Because of the overwhelming demand fo crazy haircuts, Ruben & Bobby are going all out with DOOM this year, The wheel is pimped with new and even wilder hairstyles. Join the fun, take a spin, and dare to risk getting the hairstyle of a lifetime but do not worry, there is no pressure and you are of course allowed to simply watch the fun unfold. Just remember: it is only hair. It will grow back. But be prepared, it can result in hilariously ridiculous looks.

More events is coming soon.