ActionHygge is a series of events for audiences who love intimate, cosy, and immersive activities such as talk, art, food, and small concerts. Moreover, ActionHygge is also pop-up events that transform the street from the normal bike lane to a stage for collective, social experiences for every age group.


Thursday 1 June, Vesterbro

Alé Alé Panna is the only way (Street ball)

In between the roads of Sønder Boulevard, you will find some of the world’s best streetballers. Panna football is all about dancing with the ball. This year Panna House will bring the dance to Distortion. Panna House has hosted street football activities and events for the past ten years, including the street football festival Pannahouse Invitationals. Bring your friends and enjoy a fun and active evening. You might get lucky enough to win prizes, if you make a panna on one of their ballers.
Address: Sønder Boulevard 74, 1720 Copenhagen
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Alors On Danse (African and Latin-American dance pop-ups)

This year’s Distortion is all about moving your body while also having fun. In collaboration with the nationally renowned star choreographer Toniah Pedersen, we have created Alors On Danse. There will be different dance pop-ups around Vesterbro with salsa, kizomba, and sabar dance. Moreover, we will introduce a dancing competition’, where you can experience top notch artists dancing to win the title Smooth Operator. So put on your favourite dance shoes and get ready to move your body, or just get ready to watch amazing dancers move their bodies.
Address: Main stage: The junction between Sønder Boulevard and Ny Carlsbergvej, Salsa pop-up: Istedgade 88, 1650 Copenhagen, African drum dance: Mysundegade, 1668 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
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BørneDistortion (Yoga, art & music for kids)

Distortion for Kids is a space created for the kids to participate in activities, workshops and watch shows. We believe in the importance of giving a voice to the younger generation, and we’re doing so by creating a platform for kids to express themselves through art and creativity. Bring your kids to Enghaveparken for an interactive day full of yoga, art, music, and creative workshops.
Address: Enghaveparken, 1761 Copenhagen, 12.00-19.00
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Gadeteater (Street theatre)

DIDAKT Theatre Company will perform a pop-up street theatre all around Vesterbro at Distortion this year. The Murder of Romeo & Juliet is an interactive performance that explores the themes consent and guilt. We promise you a completely new way of theatre where you will be a part of the experience.

God Vibrations – den menneskelige frekvens på Distortion (Calm music & lounge)

At Dannebrogsgade you can find the unconventional, uneducated, and indispensable youth church and safe space. Come and be a part of an event where you can let yourself float to the music from different DJs at the outside space, or join the indoor oasis and let everything else go for a moment. This event is for everyone no matter who you are, or how you’re feeling. Simply come and just be in whatever way that fits you.
Address: Dannebrogsgade 53, 1660 Copenhagen
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HundeDistortion 2 (Dog party)

Ten local dog stores will gather together in order to create the best party for your dog – and you. Whether your dog is interested in learning a new dance move, getting a makeover, or buying the newest trendy jacket, make your way to Otto Krabbes Plads for a lovely, doggie afternoon.
Address: Otto Krabbes Plads, 15.00 – 18.00
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La Neta Latin Party (Latin rhythms & salsa)

The Mexican taquería La Neta will host the biggest Latin party at Distortion this year. Here you will get the chance to listen to great latin rhythms, learning a new salsa step or two, or even get a hold of the infamous Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling masks made by a local shop.
Address: Istedgade 88, 1650 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
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Langbordsmiddag (Community dining)

Langbordsmiddag is an unforgettable evening of Copenhagen’s longest community dining table of more than half a kilometer in the heart of Vesterbro. During Distortion, we will transform Istedgade into a street food paradise, featuring French ​​Michelin star chef Iñaki Aizpitarte,  local restaurateurs and food trucks.

You can experience Tropical Beef that is curated by French ​​Michelin star chef Iñaki Aizpitarte and DJ Superpitcher aka La Flama Blanca. If you want to entice the Latin vibes, you can join the rising Spanish concept Paella Cosmica. Or if you are more in the mood for something Danish, you can join the 4-course dinner Potato Extravaganza based on classic Danish ingredients fusioned with Japanese and Southern European pantries by Copenhagen Cooking & Meyers.

Ticket and menu for Tropical Beef and Paella Cosmica dinners

Ticket and menu for Potato Extravaganza dinner

Address: Istedgadegade 39 – 134, 1650 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
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New Kids On The Block (Non-alcoholic party for the young)

New Kids On The Block is an event created for the young by the young in in the ages of 12-17 years. . The stage only consists of young performers. It’s a non-alcoholic safe space with room for everyone, where well-being and safety is the primary focus with the hopes of educating the new generation in good, respectful behaviour in the night life.
Address: Enghaveparken, 1761 Copenhagen, 15.00 – 22.00
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Ride!Sing!Repeat! (Street opera)

Four opera rebels have run away from their usual operas. The new party squad – Don Juan, Orlofsky, Musetta, and Violetta – throw themselves into the adventures that their everyday drama offers them in a rebellion against stereotypical character designs. They let their voices free and set the street in motion with maximum drama and high decibels, as they sing their way through the streets and alleys of Copenhagen.

Saxogade Doom Level (Crazy hair, chill tunes & creativity)

Saxogade is yet again lit up for a day of exciting happenings. The hairy wheel of fortune is back for you to gamble with a crazy haircut. Other parts of the street consist of interactive sound installations, ambient and experimental music, and street artists that will help you paint your aggressions and passions on one big community painting.
Address: Saxogade, 1662 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
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Sidewalk Skate Down (Skateboard tricks and hip hop)

The Skate Down is for everyone who’s interested in skateboarding, hip hop, or just chilling with friends. Grab your skateboard and join the competition for best trick or simply come as you are and enjoy our different hip hop mini shows at Enghave Skatepark throughout the day.
Enghave Skatepark, 1670 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
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Stille og Rolig Distortion (Classical contemporary & experimental electronic music)

If you’re looking for a chill hangout with your friends, or maybe just yourself, then Stille og Rolig Distortion at Skydebanehaven is the place for you. Make yourself comfortable in the grass while listening to the sounds from classical contemporary to experimental electronic music.
Address: Skydebanehaven, 1658 Copenhagen, 16.00 – 22.00
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Ung I Byen (Talks)

Ungdommens Demokratihus works to create a new political culture and support young people’s citizenship, community engagement, and self-organised communities. They wish to give space to young political and cultural voices by promoting democratic conversations. For the event Ung I Byen, Ungdommens Demokratihus will bring debates, talks, and speeches to the street in the middle of Litauens Plads.
Address: Litauens Plads, 1662 Copenhagen
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Friday 2 June, Havnefesten

Abanda Harbour Samba Parade (Samba orchestra)

The samba orchestra Abanda presents a wide variety of Brazilian music genres, such as samba, frevo, maracatu, samba-reggae, baiao. Abanda ends the Garden Party on Refshaleøen by playing at the dock after the fireworks and then parades from Reffen Streetfood to La Banchina and ends the party there. 

Mascleta (25-year anniversary fireworks)

Distortion turns 25 years and that calls for celebration! Together with Tuborg and Copenhagen Street Food, who are celebrating their 10-year anniversary, you can for the first time in Northern Europe experience the special Mascleta firework. A firework, where you will feel the bass and the ground rhythm all the way through your body. It is going to be an ecstatic feeling, you will never forget. The combined 35-year anniversary show will be at 20:00, and you do not want to miss it.
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No Camping at camping (Minigolf and bar)

The infamous Camping Minigolf Bar in Kødbyen brings their lanes to Refshaleøen. Challenge your friends to a fun game of minigolf, while enjoying a drink or two from the vintage Camping caravan of a bar. If you are more of a spectator, you are more than welcome to make yourself comfortable in the deck chairs while watching others play.
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Sidewalk Skate Out AT TRIANGLE SPOT (Skateboard tricks for cash)

Sidewalk invites you to an afternoon with skateboarding and chill. Come to Reffen’s skate area, take your board for a ride and enjoy the ocean view. You can be a part of the Cash For Tricks competition, or maybe just take a few strolls and enjoy the good vibes from Pato Siebenhaar and DJ Alanya on the two steel ball bearings with vinyl and boom bap.
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Waterfest x DM i Maveplasker (Springs and stomachs splashes by athletes and amateurs)

WaterFest is a professional ‘Dødse’ competition with the best springers from all over Scandinavia as well as local daredevils from Copenhagen. It’s a discipline where the springers do different chaotic poses in their ten meter free fall from a scaffolding tower. Furthermore, the event will host DM in stomach splashes. Everyone can show up, whether you want to join the competition and jump off the 2,5 meter high platform, or you rather just watch other people do it for you.
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Free entry

All ActionHygge events are free and for all ages.

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