Nørrebro Street Party

Thursday 30 May 2024

Dr. Louises Bro
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Afrobeats concerts and funk DJs
JJ Paulo’s concert at 16.00 sharp

Distortion is going all out for the first Nørrebro Street Party in five years, with an incredible lineup of artists to kick things off right on the iconic Dronning Louises Bro. Get ready to start the party and groove to the beats of Denmarkøs biggest afrobeat artist, JJ Paulo. But that is not all – we have got David Ramati, a true Distortion original, Akabanga bringing their jam-packed beats from Aarhus, and the renowned DJ Josefine Winding, aka Josefinity. No excuses for being fashionably late this year – this is one party you will not want to miss!

The Mudhoney Block Party
Guldbergsgade 22
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Live indie and alternative rock bands

Guldbergsgade’s exotic gem, The Mudhoney, will be adding a sprinkle of amazing musical delights to Distortion for all the rock lovers. The record label Crunchy Frog and the venue RUST, who own the bar, are setting up a rock stage with a colourful, cheeky, and retro-cool curated music profile. Join the party and immerse yourself in the music of artists like Ki! and The Entrepreneurs along with great local DJs from the sister bar Fantom Bar.

Afro Connect
Kenuba Link
Sortedam Dossering 11
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Afrobeats djs and dance crews

Afro Connect is an integrative cultural and social space curated by Kenuba Link & Entertainment, promising incredible DJs, music, food, drinks and dancers. With a decade of experience in event organisation, Kenuba Link & Entertainment knows what it takes to throw an unforgettable party. The evening will be filled with the tones of afrobeats and a mix of dancehall and Caribbean music from Djs Taf Dollar, Soca, Xzyl, and Mamzii. Get your dancing shoes on and go make some unforgettable memories.


Kapelvej 45
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Dance music from
the Afro-Latin diaspora

CÔHABIT, a multidisciplinary collective of first and second generation immigrants with roots in Colombia and Africa, is coming to the streets of Nørrebro with their vibrant party RASPAO. A party in which celebrates the freshest underground dance music and the diverse sounds of the Afro-Latin diaspora. The unapologetic celebration of rhythm and desire will set the sceene for a sticky and sweet RASPAO party.

Queer Distortion
Hellig kors kirke
Kapelvej 38
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Vibrant electronic and
contempoary dance performances

Get ready for the third Queer Distortion where everyone is embraced for who they are. This year’s lineup spans generations, featuring established icons alongside rising stars and fresh talent like Lucky Lube, Bazooka Babe, Enna, Legolane, and many more. To everyone’s joy, there will also be some of the best contemporary performance artists Copenhagen has to offer. Queer Distortion serves as a powerful reminder that our differences are our strengths.

Monkey Shoulder x DJ John Vincent & Friends
Nørrebrogade 45
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World-class whisky and oldschool hiphop and RnB!

Monkey Shoulder Whisky is an award winning whisky like you’ve never experienced it before. Monkey Shoulder Whisky – The Original’s lively aroma makes it perfect for cocktails, and its notes of honey, orange and vanilla will enhance any whisky drink. Everything just gets better – not least the party. Recall or live out your youth when Monkey Shoulder Whisky invites you to a street party in Nørrebro. On the corner of Stengade and Nørrebrogade delicious whisky drinks are served, while the sound of 90s/00s Hiphop&R&B, Dancehall and Afrobeats makes it hard to stand still. Seasoned John Vincent aka. JVC is our DJ – with visiting friends for exciting guest-performances. JVC is a Copenhagen-based turntablist and producer, who has played at places such as Roskilde Festival and The Oasis Festival in Morocco. He has played support for international artists such as Craig David, Ms. Lauryn Hill and Stormzy, and locally with talents such as Gilli, ICEKiiD, Lamin and Bikstok Røgsystem. See you at Monkey Shoulder Whisky’s bar for this year’s Nørrebro street party?

Sunset Affair
Baggesensgade 36
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Organic, Afro House, Melodic Techno, and Good Vibes.

The music art collective Vibecast is welcoming summer with their small stage in the heart of the street party. Sunset Affair embraces the warmth of the season alongside a musical journey with irresistible rhythms, designed to keep you dancing until the sun dips below the horizon with afro house and melodic techno. Their mantra of inclusivity welcomes everyone to join the celebration of joy, happiness, and summer and to become a part of the shared experience of pure bliss.

Bounce in Bronx
Fearless Facilitators
Rantzausgade 6
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Diverse live shows with jazz,
art pop, hiphop and more

Bounce In Bronx, hosted by Fearless Facilitators, brings together a fusion of genres ranging from jazz, pop and punk to hip hop and electronic music. In collaboration with upcoming musicians, designers, and artists, they promise to deliver unique visual experiences for the audience. Between 16-18 you can witness live art performances that seamlessly integrate all of the above: music, fashion and art. Join us for an event that celebrates music, art, and diversity.

NBRO X The Jane Distortion Block Party
Sortedam Dossering 19
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House and singalong
that gets your pulse up

Copenhagen’s leading running community NBRO and the popular nightclub and cocktail bar The Jane are hosting the afterparty for the fastest one-kilometre street race down Nørrebrogade with over 200 participants. The afterparty kicks off with soft and poppy beats before transitioning into house and eventually building up to some pretty hard electronic sets.

From Lagos to Kingston over London to Nørrebro
Folkets Park
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Dancehall, reggae & more

Juju is in West Africa associated with being under a spell or magical power – this is exactly what you can expect from this party hosted by Jujuman. Because Jujuman is more than just a collective; it’s a feeling, aiming to foster a vibe of good juju through soulful music and joy. Inspired by their roots formed at Rub a Dub Sundays, Notting Hill Carnival, and James Hill from Jamaica, this street party cherishes the transformative power of music featuring reggae, jungle, and drum and bass.

Silent Disco
Silent Event
Blågårds Plads
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Disco & Dance with headsets

Silent Events will transform all of Blågårds Plads into the big, noiseless dance party we all love: Silent Disco. Choose between three different channels with three different DJs, and become a part of the wavy ocean of colours, diversity, music, and dance. Put on a set of headphones and jump on the wave.

Nørre Allé 7
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Hiphop Shows & Freestyles
Battles in the name of human rights

The non-profit organisation Rapolitics empowers the youth to form opinions, boost self-esteem, and develop political courage through workshops, events, and creative communities for and with young people. With a state at this year’s Distortion, Rapolitics X Re:Act is ready to fill the streets with bars and beats from hip-hop artists who take the stage in the name of human rights.

Glitter Salon
Sankt Hans Torv 3
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Glitter Makeup Booth

Last year’s glittery success is hitting the streets of Nørrebro. KarmaGlitterCph was born from the desire of creating a universe of biodegradable glitter combined with unique accessories. The women behind KarmaGlitterCph are ready to spice up your festival look with some enchanting and biodegradable glitter makeup. Swing by the glitter salon and make your look extra magical.

The Limoscene
Peblinge Dossering 8
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unk, hip-hop, UK, afrohouse
and more played from a limo

Steambox is democratising partying in style by bringing the Limo-Scene to Distortion. Picture this: a 1990’s white limo with pink neon, surrounded by a haze of smoke and booming bass, with their lineup of banging DJs popping out of the sunroof. As the afternoon sun shines, Steambox sets the mood with groovy house, funk, and disco, seamlessly transitioning into the evening with Son of Kong delivering bass, breaks, and sharp MC. As the sun begins to set, get ready for a finale of afrobeats, eurotrance and techno.

CPH Drag Street Party
Das Disco
Guldbergsgade 8
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Drag performers, timeless disco
and glittery moves on the runway

The iconic venue RUST and the drag concept Das Disco are joining forces for an epic street party filled with gold, glitter, and sassiness. They are presenting a stellar lineup of Copenhagen’s finest drag performers, both on stage and behind the DJ booth. Extravagant shows from the most colourful and fabulous drags will set mood alongside the club-centric music with a twist of disco. Expect the unexpected as RUST and Das Disco bring forth glitter, voguing, and runway moments.

Urban Breakout Hip-Hop Festival
Korsgade 51
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Energetic live shows
with the hiphop stars of tomorrow

Urban Breakout returns for the third year in a row! Once again, they are showcasing the hottest upcoming hip hop artists in the game. It is going to be a festive night with high energy that will make it seem like you are standing in the middle of the club surrounded by vibrant neon lights. With various DJs playing during changeovers, you do not have to worry about losing the vibe. All you have to worry about is making the night memorable.

Brazilian Funk & Beats
Ravnsborggade 23 Fatman´s corner
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Authentic Brazilian vibes with
live bands, DJs and dancers

Feel the pulsating beats and rhythms of Brazilian funk at Rolezin Distortion Edition. ‘Rolezin’ originates from Brazilian slang, signifying a gathering with friends for a good time. Join DJs spinning the hottest tracks, dancers lighting up the floor with their moves, and live band O Baile delivering authentic Brazilian vibes to the stage. Prepare for a night of sizzling energy and unforgettable moments. Don’t miss out on this unique Brazilian experience!

Kapelvej 15

Chicago, Deep, N.Y. House
with ballroom sound

Club WAREHOUSE provides the sweet house vibe that is Chicago deep New York House music. The DJs Lisa Kaye and SOLEIL Camara will make sure to spice up your night with fresh and groovy house selections. With a ballroom sound setup, it is the perfect stage for dancing and loving, just like a really good warehouse party. And, of course, they are bringing a huge disco ball to create an ambiance that embodies it all: dancing, loving, and partying.

Asphalt Groove
Ravnsborggade 3
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Live rock and r’n’b
concerts and more

Skurvognen Asphalt Groove is the ultimate youthful and inclusive street party hosted by the youth association Skurvognen. Come and rock out to PAK, indulge in soulful RnB with MILA, and dive intro Drum n Bass with MASIV. Last but not least, DJ Stealyogirl will kick off the day with some funky vinyls, and DJ Allergy will end the evening with a massive party. Come and let yourself loose and feel the Asphalt Groove of Skurvognen.

Birkegade 22
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house and techno tunes all day long

The legendary Elmegade party is back! Distortion veterans Namunel have been delivering solid street parties for over 10 years. Expect techno and house from a number of Denmark’s top electronic acts, all delivered through their solid sound system. Expect nothing but good vibes and insanely good music. Elm Street Party guarantees the best electronic music within the realms of house and techno.

Yellow Street Party
Kapelvej 1
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House, disco & Kapelvej’s best cocktails

The lively bar and eatery Yellow is inviting the event and art collective Pleasure Control – known for hosting some of Copenhagen’s best raves – to join the street party. A street party that merges tasty drinks, great music, art, and culture, all wrapped up in a sense of togetherness. Several talented DJs, including Cockwhore and Macho, Harrison Heat, and Mari To The Future, will set the mood for a fun and wholesome party.

Guldbergsgade 26
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Minimal House, Acid and Electro

IKIGAI, run by Agentinian DJs and producers, is known for hosting exceptional high-quality day and night events and bringing Sunday parties to Copenhagen. Their sound is characterised by minimal techno, micro house, acid & electro beats, which is exactly what you are going to get at their street party with DJs like Adrat, Colo, Lowfek. Get ready to party with style in their homey, colourful setup.

Omondo Block Party
Møllegade 7
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Hiphop, RnB and Afrobeats
from the african diaspora

Denmark’s first all black music collective, Omondo Collective, aims to introduce Black and African music in its diverse variations and genres to Denmark. And that is exactly what they are doing at Distortion. Under the themes ‘African Nollywood party’ and ‘Y2K hip hop’ mixed with a boiler room-style ambiance, they will showcase hip hop, RnB, and afrobeats from all corners of the African diaspora.

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