Distortion is a multi-faced festival with many different programmes. Some events are free – like Vesterbro Street Party – and others are ticketed with the best new music. Here is an overview of what to expect for 2022.

Biggest news is the start of 3 new programmes – Actionhygge, Distortion X and Havnehygge – and Nørrebro Street Party will take a break.

The festival programme is sorted in 3 main themes – chilled, rave and street. Read more about below.


All the stuff for guests that love intimate, chilled, cozy, in-depth experiences such as talks, concerts, performance art and dinners. Get an overview at:



All the stuff for the electronic dance music lovers that want to the best new music on the international scene. Get an overview at:

Distortion Ø
Distortion Club


All the stuff for guests that just love to dance and have fun in the streets of Copenhagen! There are both intimate street parties – in all kind of music genres – and big crazy parties with the best new Hip Hop and EDM music. All the big and wild street parties are located inside Distortion X areas and the more basic one are at the Vesterbro Street Party and Havnehygge. Get an overview at:

Distortion X
Vesterbro Street Party