Havnefest 2024

Victor Torrejon

Havnefest is all about local soundsystems and happenings in the daytime at the harbour in central Copenhagen and Refshaleøen. All events at Havnefest are free and for all ages.


WaterFest x DM i Maveplasker
Refshalevej 145A
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Water athletics competetion and fun from a 12m tower

WaterFest is a professional ‘Dødse’ competition with the best springers from all over Scandinavia as well as local daredevils from Copenhagen. It’s a discipline where the divers do different chaotic poses in their ten metre free fall from a scaffolding tower. Furthermore, the event will host DM in stomach splashes. Everyone can show up, whether you want to join the competition and jump off the three metre high platform, or you rather just watch other people do it for you. We promise you a fun and splashing time.

Sunsæt Havnefest
Tuborg Sunsæt
Refshalevej 151
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Disco Day Party Extraordinaire

Tuborg Sunsæt invites you to a disco party extraordinaire. Come dance on the grass next to Refshaleøen’s harbour basin to the sounds of fun disco and worldfunk vinyls from Copenhagen’s disco maestros Boogie Rookie and Christian d’Or, who are balancing in the sweet spot between cosmic disco, balearic, and yacht-rock. After dancing up a storm and needing a break, you can come over and relax in the Sunsæt lounge. And if you arrive early, enjoy a refreshing treat courtesy of Tuborg Sunsæt.

Reffen Rampage
IRON x Reffen CPH Street Food
Refshalevej 167
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Skateboarding Cash4Tricks, skater DJs and chill vibes at Reffen’s Triangle Spot

Head over to Reffen’s skate area for a four-hour skateboard session with Reffen Rampage. You can be a part of the Cash4Tricks competitions, or simply take a few strolls while soaking in the good vibes from skate DJs Shoko, Rasmus Schack, and Cohnny Jazz. And when the hunger strikes, Reffen Street Food is just by your side with a diverse selection of food from around the world. Grab your board, hit the ramps, and savour the ocean view.

Sort Distortion
Sweetbox Audio x Afrobeat Vibrations
Sønder Hoved
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A celebration of African style and culture with amapiano, afrobeats and afro-tech

Sort Distortion is a tribute to black music and culture, and will, from a deep black truck stage, present some of the world’s most trending music genres right now. Having been a part of Distortion for over 12 years, Sort Distortion is dedicated to fully embracing African culture and celebrating its rich traditions, contemporary music, amazing cuisine, and vibrant style. Expect an African music village to spice up your night  with Juju drinks, African food, Afrobeats, Amapiano, Afro-house, and Afro-tech to keep you grooving. 

Fine Chaos
Sønder Hoved
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Fashionable house and techno with community DJs

FINE CHAOS, a community based fashion brand renowned for its fashion shows and popular parties at the Hangaren, is making its debut at Distortion. Known for weaving storytelling into its collections, each of their events are unique and unforgettable. This event is no different. FINE CHAOS will present trendy fast techno with a diverse lineup featuring DJs Gordon Zola and HOLDO alongside winners from a mixing competition. Attendees will also have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to get their hands on the Distortion merchandise designed by the brand this year. 


Brazilian Baile Funk
Baile Techno

Refshalevej 157A

Baile Funk, breakbeat and fun worldy remixes, hosted by DJ Avontz

DJ Avontz, the Brazilian mastermind behind numerous underground parties in Sao Paulo and the co-creator of ‘Rolezin’, brings his electrifying beats to Havnefest. From Pirituba to Europe, this event features the finest selection of baile funk from Brazil, infused with world remixes, Jersey beats, breakbeat and even extending to techno, drum and bass, and more. Alongside the vibrant beats, smoking flares will set the scene ablaze, creating the fiery atmosphere we all love.

DIY Custom Corner

Refshalevej 147

Come spice up your Distortion outfit at Machis clothing customisation stations

Step into the world of Machis and experience the magic of their ‘circuite’ concept. It is all about empowering you to become the designer of your own festival styles. Bring an item or grab one from their curated selection. Choose your upcycling stations: painting, accessories, patches, or stencil. Capture the moment with a snapshot of your personalised masterpiece. Join Machis in celebrating self-expression, sustainability, and the art of fashion at Havnefest. Create memories that resonate beyond the music.

Havnebus Boogie
Start: Den Sorte Diamant
End: Refshaleøen
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Come set sail to Havnefest with disco aficionado Jonas Visti on Movia’s iconic yellow harbour bus

Sail along with us as DJ and radio host Jonas Visti kicks off the disco party on board the harbour bus. In collaboration with Movia, we are transforming the harbour bus into a floating dance floor. With three departures from the Royal Library to Refshaleøen and a maximum capacity of 80 people at a time, be sure to arrive early to secure a spot on this unique floating party. Get your travel card ready and hop aboard the harbour bus as we combine the iconic harbour bus experience with pulsating music and a festive vibe. The harbour bus departs three times between 17.00 and 19.00 on this special boogie route.

Rhythmic Fusion

Refshalevej 169B
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Celebrating Afro-Latino Beats with reggaeton, kuduro, moombahton and more

RUMBA presents an exciting event that merges dance and culture, celebrating Afro-Latin American music and dance. You can immerse yourself in lively, upbeat rhythms and movements, experiencing a diverse range of music genres including reggaeton, dembow, baile funk, moombahton, guaracha, afrobeat, and more. RUMBA promises to make you feel like you are standing in a colourful street festival like the ones of Carribean, Africa, and South America.

We need jungle I´m afraid!
Concrete Jungle
Refshalevej 165B
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Jungle, bass and dub in the concrete alleys near Reffen

Starting from Bolsjefabrikken, the Concrete Jungle collective has for the last eight years made its way through the venues of Copenhagen, including Hangaren and Den Anden Side, with their quality drum and bass and jungle. With a DJ booth set in a corner between Refshaleøens historic shipyard buildings, Concrete Jungle will for the first time ever jungle up your day party at Distortion harbour party.

Ice Cream Treasure Hunt
Refshalevej 163F
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Ice cream eating contest and ice cream treasure hunting

The newest addition to the neighbourhood, Ismageriet, which just opened its cosy lounge store in a green corner on Refshaleøen last week, invites you to ice cream eating contests, gift card treasure hunts, and chilled pop vibes. Indulge in their homemade, quality ice cream and original flavour combinations as the perfect snack break for a summery and festive evening.

Sounds Of Khemit
Klub Werkstatt
Refshalevej 167A
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Organic house music and good drinks all day long at the cosy container garden

Once a machinery workshop, Werstatt now stands as an event space and nightclub in the heart of Resfhaleøen. Join them for an uplifting journey as they embrace the first bite of summer. Step into their outdoor venue, where they will be turning up the melodic house vibes with DJs like Emma Sø, Pedro Marsans, Solar Kings, LADS, and more.

Seafront Fest
Overtone Sound Collective
Sønder Hoved
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Hard groove, garage and classic house at a deconstructed container-stage

Imagine a ‘container silhouette’ formed by poles and rope, decorated with colourful fabric sheets draped around the framework. Now imagine the same thing transformed into a snic journey with a diverse range of house music, spanning from mellow, downtempo to lively, high-tempo beats infused with rich percussion and deep basslines. As the evening progresses, Overtone Sound Collective will gradually elevate the tempo, turning up the energy in true Distortion style.

Techno on the Dock
CPH Village
161A Refshalevej
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A sunset journey from techno to trance hosted by the local student village

The young and dynamic community CPH Village is once again a part of Havnefest with their classic street party setup. Their lineup, driven by a shared love for electronic music, offers a fluid experience with DJs sharing decks in a collaborative B2B set with no specific genres and where everyone can bring their very own unique sound, featuring DJ Spice, DRABER 666, DJ Baddy, Shamlou, and more. Come and join CPH Village for a diverse, inclusive, and positive party.

Soho Presents
Soho House
Havnegade 44

A rare Sven Väth dj set outside Nyhavn’s Soho House, supported by Ena Cosovic

Located in the heart of the city right outside Soho House Copenhagen, award-winning german DJ-icon Sven Väth, who will later headline Distortion Ø, and Danish producer and DJ Ena Cosovic are bringing their exceptional electronic sounds to set the tone for an unforgettable waterfront party. Soho Presents promises an energetic ambiance where you can truly let loose and dance to the mesmerising rhythms of summer, joy, and, of course, techno. 

Club Warehouse meets Ibiza
Rosforth & Rosforth
Knippelsbrogade 10

Chicago house and Ibiza electro party underneath the iconic Knippelsbro bridge

Per tradition you will encounter Chicago house beats and natural wine provided by wine importer Rosforth & Rosforth beneath Knippelsbro, when Lisa Kaye and Anne Rani set vibe with their unique fusion of Chicago house, deep house, and Ibiza bigroom. Sip on a glass of orange wine and dive into the blend of underground house club vibes and Ibiza’s eclectic energy and prepare to fall in love – or simply dance until your body implodes – or both.

Sønder Hoved
FB Event

Full-on progressive psytrance in the daylight

The infamous Daily Dak returns to Havnefest, again partnered with their spiritual companions from Tam Tam. Ten different DJs take the stage to give you a glimpse of their musical capabilities and transport you  into a world of pulsating beats and hypnotic rhythms. Join their summer rave for an electrifying evening of progressive trance and psytrance. This is not a place for mosh pits, but rather a place filled with good karma and inclusivity for all.

Nautical Funk Affair
DJ Mati & Andersen
Sønder Hoved
FB Event

Wavy grooves, funky vibes and electric housebeats

Dive into a world of pulsating rhythms, where each tone is an invitation to pure euphoria right next to the water’s edge. DJ Mati & Andersen will keep you dancing all day long with their blend of wavy grooves, funky vibes, and electrifying house beats. Set sail for an evening filled with musical bliss, where Nautical Funk Affair takes you on a journey full of joy and great energy on this beautiful summer night.

The Gathering al Sol
The Gathering Collective
Sønder Hoved
FB Event

Afro-latin house beats and melodic downtempo  celebrating Copenhagen’s multiculturalism

Bringing together locals, expats, and diaspora artists, The Gathering al Sol is a celebration fueled by love, creativity, and inclusivity, This Havnefest event offers a cosy space where diverse can come together, dance, and revel in cultural exploration. Eclectic DJs will blend electronic with folkloric and ethnic influences, keeping the dance floor energised amidst jungle plants. From Afro and Latin house to melodic downtempo, the lineup celebrates the expat and diaspora experience while honouring multiculturalism.

Party Oracle
Refshalevej 147

Come get your future read by our resident tarot card reader

Dive into the mystical world of magic and astrology at Havnefest. As a practicing witch with expertise in astrology and clairvoyance, Nadja has witnessed the spiritual trend spreading across Copenhagen and beyond. Picture and enchanting setup adorned with incense, fairy lights, cosy blankets, flowers, and crystals. Uncover the secrets of your soul and explore the mysteries of the universe.

Amazon Amour
Copenhagen DJ
Refshalevej 163D

Afro house and good vibes by Refshaleøen’s iconic ship yard buildings

In the realm of Copenhagen DJ, numerous talented young DJs are fueled by passion for creating cherished memories, vibrant dance floors, and greener practices. This commitment is reflected in their delivery method: all equipment is being delivered on their Christiania Bike. Drawing inspiration from the warm rhythms and melodies of Southern Europe and Africa, their Havnefest promises to be an oasis of enchanting electronic music that takes you on a journey around the world.

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