Elias Gozal

Look forward to a diverse and eclectic set from Elias Gozal at Distortion Ø.

Elias Gozal were 15 when they played their first club gig at Copenhagen institution Baggen. They have since been an unmissable force of the underground electronic music scene of the city.

With local club night Floorcast they regularly display their skills and track selection at the city’s essential venues – from Hangaren to Den Anden Side. They also count a string of releases under their own name, and as part of the project Pure Distance, with their debut vinyl release Pure Distance. Their sets are an authentic reflection of their South American and North African heritage, with a wide mix of styles that never lose focus of the dancefloor. 

Expect a familiar, yet excitingly different experience, when Elias Gozal takes the stage at Distortion Ø!

Elias Gozal will play at Distortion Ø, Friday 31 May 2024.

Miao Music Official · MIAOMIX18 | Elias Gozal | Feb 8. 2024 | Miao Music Copenhagen

Ismus · Premiere: Pure Distance – Baby (STRICTED003)

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