Frida Darko & Atric

Frida Darko and Atric are joining forces for a B2B at Distortion Ø! 

Dark, driving, uplifting. Slowed down. Frida Darko is living proof that BPM isn’t not essential in creating energy on the dancefloor. Combine that with the fluffy, light-hearted productions of Atric and you are surrounded with plenty of melody and sensitivity. The music is captured in a creaking and dark sound that is sure to make you move. 

With multiple collaborative releases under their belt such as “Blueprint” and “Low Battery”, Frida Darko and Atric are a proven match. Expect bouncy, chunky, dark disco beats that will hit hard, but leave you feeling awakened from the shadows.

Frida Darko & Atric will play at Distortion Ø, Saturday 1 June 2024.

Frida Darko · Frida Darko & Atric @ Sonnendeck – Fusion Festival 2023

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