Get ready for some hard techno madness, when German powerhouse Klangkuenstler, aka Michael Korb, takes the stage at Distortion Ø!

After growing up in a small town in Bavaria, Klangkuenstler moved to Berlin, where he has steadily been securing his spot at the forefront of the hard techno scene, both as a producer and a performer now headlining events and festivals all over the world. 

This global success is the result of a clear-cut recipe: a real love for the sound of the late 90s/early 2000s, infused with high intensity and a powerful energy. An unstoppable force, he always brings his own distinctive style blending industrial hardcore techno with hints of atmospheric soundscapes. Don’t expect the crowd to stand still, when he finally unleashes his warehouse-ready thumping techno, with an explosion of razor-sharp kicks and rumbling bass.

Klangkuenstler will play at Distortion Ø, Saturday 1 June 2024.

klangkuenstler · klangkuenstler @ HÖR (Impuls – 18 June ’21)

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