Madmotormiquel aka Michel Neigenfnd, born and raised in west Berlin, had only music and collecting records on his mind from an early age. His first Fusion Festival in early 2000 as well as many illegal open airs and parties in a Berlin filled with open spaces after the fall of the wall, made clear the path he would take. Through his own events with Bachstelzen – a collective of organisers that has greatly influenced Berlin‘s party scene – in elaborately themed off-locations, the course was set for DJ gigs and music productions. Madmotormiquel has released music on Katermukke and the URSL label which Madmotormiquel is  running together with Sebo and Soukie & Windish. Madmotormiquel spends most of his weekends playing in exotic locations and perfecting the art of shape-making dance floors around the globe including our very own at Distortion Ø.

Madmotormiquel will play at Distortion Ø, Friday 31 May 2024.

MAXA · Madmotormiquel – Maxa – Burning Man 2023

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