Far away from the urban hotspots German artist Mollono.Bass developed his own adventurous style of organic house and melodic techno.

Just like the forests and fields of his rural neighborhood, Mollono.Bass has since 1995 been on a never ending musical journey that takes him to euphoric heights and into delirious depths. The signature style of Mollono.Bass, often referred to as “Acker Sound”, has become an actual landmark with his label Acker Records as an independent platform for playful experiments of electronic dance music. 

Mollono.Bass is a well known face within the scene since quite some time. He is a founding member of the legendary quartet Kombinat100, co-founder of 3000° Records and he is involved in the Rundfunk3000 and Eulenhaupt & Mollenhauer projects.

At Distortion Ø we will be treated with his warm, dubby and driving yet emotional soundscape.

Mollono.bass will play at Distortion Ø, Friday 31 May 2024.

Mollono.Bass · Mollono.HOUSE @ 26 YEARS SOS BIRTHDAYBASH – Räuberhöhle – Kulturkosmos Lärz

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