We are very excited to present the Australian producer/DJ Partiboi69 and his high-energy at Distortion Ø!

After breaking into the underground in 2018, Partiboi69 has been on a mission. His objective? To spread digital love and deliver lethal 69 techniques live and direct to your senses. 

At the helm of Mutual Pleasure Recordings and Stingboi Productions, Partiboi69 is not only a musical maestro but also the brains behind some of the most famous online mixes. Partiboi69’s YouTube posts, boasting cutting-edge, computer-animated video graphics, provide a glimpse into his world, captivating audiences with millions of views. Embracing the world-renowned genres of Electro Dank, Ghetto Freak, and K-Tech, he has created a sonic landscape that transcends boundaries.

Partiboi69 will play at Distortion Ø, Saturday 1 June 2024.