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070 Shake (US) – debut show in Denmark

The 21 year old rapper and singer 070 Shake started uploading tracks on Soundcloud in 2015 and was already signed with G.O.O.D Music a year later – a label that has debuted a strong line-up of some of the biggest rap- and r’n’b artists the last decade. Releasing her debut EP Glitter, she subsequently stole the show on Kanye West’s track Ghost Town with her raspy, vocal depth and almost grunge/rock lyrical style. And now she’s about to hit up Distortion. – Show date: Friday 31 May @ Distortion Ø


Adana Twins (DE)

Few artists characterize the the border between melodic house and techno as well as this German duo. Since their break in 2012 with a sequnce of releases on Exploited Records, Adana Twins have made a name for themselves with several absolutely killer remixes of artists such as Fritz Kalkbrenner, and Danish WhoMadewho og Kasper Bjørke. The pair’s sky-rocketing journey continued when they signed with the legendary Berlin label Watergate, centered around the iconic Watergate nightclub, and are thus quickly becoming some the most prominent players on the scene right now. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø


Bette (DK)

Bette belongs to a generation of Danish r‘n’b and soul artists that have been captivating international audiences with their “I don’t give a f***” attitudes, deeply personal lyrics and extremely well-produced sounds. Her partnership with the multi-talented Emil Kruse is reflected in the 90’s inspired production referencing icons like Janet Jackson. Start with her track “Darling” if you want to get your dance on. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø


Channel Tres (US) – debut show in Denmark

In a totally dansable manner, Channel Tres showcases just how well club music and hip hop can sound. Musical traditions that were disconnected in the 90’s meet again with their roots in Detroit and Chicago – creating a holy trinity of disco drums, synthesizers and rap that is worthy of any dance floor. His debut EP was released in july 2018 with the spearheading track Jet Black (proclaimed as the Best New Track by Pitchfork). – Show date: Friday 31 May @ Distortion Ø


Dekmantel Soundsystem (NL)

The Dutch collective, label and festival Dekmantel guarantees its audiance some the world’s finest disco, house and techno. Their trademark is an unquestionable love of music, dedicating their platform to support the deeply passionate artists in the techno trade. This party isn’t focused on Beatport Top 20, but an affectionate showcase of the best dance musik from the last 40 years. That’s the vibe Dekmantel will be responsible for conjuring at this year’s Distortion; a genre-blender filled with love and unreasonably good music. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø


DJ Tennis (IT)

DJ Tennis debuted as an artist and DJ in 2010 after decades as the founder and A&R for the Italien label Life and Death. His musical taste embraces a generous range of sounds, but at the heart of it all is an emotional electronic nerve, stimulated by references of post-rock icons like Godspeed You!, Black Emperor, Tortoise and Fugazi. Rave-music with an emotional depth and finesse. – Show date: Friday 31 May @ Distortion Ø


First Hate (DK)

The First Hate boys emerged on the scene in 2014 with an EP on the Copenhagen labet Escho, a label also housing the neo-punk kings Ice Age. But that’s about the only available comparison – the First Hate sound is a sympathetically grandiose Manchester inspired synth-pop with occasional references to eurodance and italodisco. Dystopian, yet also optimistic pop suitable for your post-modern week day or party seeking weekend. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø



After years of dominating the Danish club scene, it’s time for American rap and r’n’b to give up their throne to the London Brits. Grime has morphed into pop music; it’s no longer reserved for obscure underground parties and is quickly becoming a steady source of inspiration for a generation of new artists, dancers and listeners. FLEXLIKEKEV is one of the biggest talents of the genre in Denmark and the track IWANNABEUP submerges the listener in an eerie, dystopian version of contemporary London grime-sound. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø



Show date: Thursday 30 May @ Red Bull Street Party


Hunee (DE)

German Hunee is one of the world’s absolute best DJs – end of discussion. His primary focus centers around disco and house, but he also possesses an impressive and uncanny knack for fusing samba or 70’s afrobeat into his mixes. It’s not about the genre; it’s about the musical quality and cohesion. The music and dancing becomes the catalyst for how we meet each other and merge together in a communal symphony of his making on the dance floor. Don’t miss this one – Hunee and his musical odyssey is one of a kind. – Show date: Friday 31 May @ Distortion Ø


I Hate Models (FR)

What is there to say? I Hate Models represent utterly uncompromising industrial techno, trance and no-wave; a slightly apocalyptic and riveting universe that screams raves in abandoned warehouses with distorted synthesizers and a BPM that rarely goes below 140. If
you’re into full-blown abrasive techno, you’ll surely get your money’s worth. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø


Jayda G (CA)
Trivia time! How many club DJs sample marine biologists and dedicate tracks to killer whales all while playing alongside Moodymann and have residencies at Panorama Bar? The answer is one: Jayda G. The Canadian is a musical and intellectual powerhouse with roots firmly planted in soul, disco and quintessential Chicago house, thus creating a wildly infectious atmosphere for all dance floor audiences. Her debut album Significant Changes hits the airwaves in March of this year on the iconic London label Ninja Tunes and is led by the killer single Let Room 2 Breathe. – Show date: Friday 31 May @ Distortion Ø


Josephin Bovién (DK)

At an impressive age of just 18 years old, the singer, songwriter and producer Josephin Bovién released her debut album Caramel Babe last October. Her personal and enticing sound is part of a modern r’n’b universe where soul merges with the Soundcloud beat-scene. The release of Caramel Babe has secured loyal air time on P3’s “Vidunergrunden” (“Wonderful Underground”) and Worldwide FM, and she has also been proclaimed as one of the twelve most promising young artists in Denmark by Soundvenue. – Show date: Friday 31 May @ Distortion Ø


KiNK (live, BG)

Kink is an absolute original on the club music scene. It’s normal for electronic musicians to show up packing a USB key and a light show, but not Kink – the Bulgarian techno-wizard lugs an arsenal complete with drum machines and synthesizers, keeping everyone spellbound with his live performances. His 2018 album Playground is a nostalgic powerhouse of electronic music, referencing everything from Detroit techno, big-room house and Bristol inspired triphop, including remixes from Josh Wink and Matthew Hebert. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø


Kollektiv Turmstrasse (DE)

For nearly twenty years, the Berlin/Hamburg based twosome Kollektiv Turmstrasse have been a part of the reigning electronic powerhouses of the European dance floor. Their outlandishly amiable sound is a soulfull take on modern house music, far from heavy industrial techno that dominated the German capital in the 90’s. The twosome have forged bonds with some of club music’s most prominent members including Roman Flügel, Robag and Danish Trentemøller. They’ve been reaping the benefits of their irresistible hit “Sorry I Am Late” from 2015 that playfully sampled Black Rob’s 90’s banger “Whoa”. – Show date: Friday 31 May @ Distortion Ø


Max Abysmal (NL)

Australian born, but Amsterdam made Max Abysmal has gradually established himself as a cornerstone of the European club scene. His sound is hard to pinpoint, but is placed between electronic drum machine fun, ambient techno, lo-fi house and early 90’s jungle. Alluring, mystic music that challenges your usual playlist, and if you’re unfamiliar with the Dutch artist, you should start with the track Donna Do’t Stop (2018). – Show date: Friday 31 May @ Distortion Ø


Nadia Rose (UK) – debut show in Denmark

The London rapper Nadia Rose is a brilliant example of the many talents that have emerged from the English capital in recent years. The single Skwod says it all – it’s got that contemporary London sound. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø


Rejjie Snow (IR) 

Show date: Thursday 30 May @ Red Bull Street Party


Rico Nasty (US) – debut show in Denmark

After years of dank and straight-up chauvinistic, “locker room” rap, women have finally conquered the American scene. One of the most hard-hitting talents is New York born rapper Rico Nasty whose summer included a cover on the pentacle music magasin The Fader after signing with Atlantic Records. This was the culmination of a sequence of exceptionally popular mixtapes and singles with fully aggressive beat-heavy productions, in your face vocals and a middle finger high in the air for all to see. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø


Sassy J (CH)

Sassy J is a fiercely confident connoisseur of modern club music. Her tastes are far-reaching and are inclusive of house, disco, broken beat, jazz and soul – reflecting her indiscriminate affection for a plethora of sounds and her sweeping musical appetite. Patchwork, the name of her own events, is an honest and descriptive adjective for her style. Sassy J uses an array of different elements to create something new, something her own, but never without absolute cohesion and classiness, and never compromising her intuitive connection to the dance floor. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø


Soleima (DK)

Soleima represents a unique niche of Danish music with her surprisingly distinctive approach to pop and club music. Don’t let its polished and well-produced surface fool you – the layers of sound are deep and nerve-wracking with a lyrical universe filled with discord and despair, but also hope and optimism. It’s addictive pop that lures the listener with beautiful vocals displaying deeply personal stories. The single Crack has had its victory run throughout Europe with plays on BBC Radio 1 and was also P3s “Ugens Uundgåelige” (this weeks unavoidable, red.). – Show date: Friday 31 May @ Distortion Ø


Toro y Moi (US)

Show date: Thursday 30 May @ Red Bull Street Party


Young Marco (NL)

Young Marco is a solid representation of the current Amsterdam sound. It’s a complex and fluid universe of sound where synth-disco goes hand-in-hand with afrofunk and industrial techno. Basically, trying to label the genre is redundant. Just like Hunee, who is also guesting Distortion, the whole point is to send a musical rush through the audience and get them dancing together. Young Marco is currently one of the most sought out DJs and with good reason – Young Marco is the shit. – Show date: Saturday 1 June @ Distortion Ø


Wiinston (DK)

Show date: Thursday 30 May @ Red Bull Street Party